force closed every time?


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Mar 30, 2011
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not where i wan to be.....
this is my first 'smartphone' and I really feel over my head. Despite that, everytime I get a call my Xfinity app windows in and tells me I have to force close the app. Is this normal or do I have to do something else? Thanks in advance.
No, that isn't normal

I was having a force close problem with Music and this is the response from HTC:
On the Incredible, select All Apps > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Music > Clear data/cache.

Once complete, a soft reset will need to be performed. A soft reset basically resets the memory structure in the handheld. This recovers the device from memory conflicts, corrupted system service chains (mainly due to attempting hacks), memory leaks, and system lockups due to the "Fatal Exception" program errors. To perform a soft reset:

1. Power the device off.
2. Remove the battery for 10 seconds. Re-insert the battery and power the device on.

Try clearing any cache the app that is giving you problems and the do the soft reset to see if that helps.