Force Close Issue


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Aug 7, 2010
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I'm new here. I looked for an answer to my problem and see related issues but no solution for me. I've had my Incredible for a few months and have been getting the "force close" message for a long time. It's very frustrating. I get it after I end a call, after I send a MMS message, when I use the camera, etc. I am not having my texts, etc. deleted, like some others are. I also am unable to update any apps or complete the download of the Task Killer app. I have updates just sitting and waiting for updates: FB, Barcode Scanner, Goggles, Google Sky Map, Mint, Ride Hoper, TripIt, Urban Spoon and Google Maps. If I try to update, it looks like it's trying but never gets anywhere. I had FB for Android but got rid of it as someone suggested. Not helpful. The message I get says "The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." I am very motivated to get rid of this problem now as I had several iphone users at the office looking at my phone the other day when this message kept popping up and they couldn't even check my phone out. Can anyone help?
If you haven't rooted or changed anything I would guess that this is a issue with the software on your phone. I think you should take into VZW and they will try to reflash it. If that doesn't solve the problem I'm sure they would get you a new device. Hope it works out for ya.
Yes, I was trying to avoid spending 1/2 a day at the Verizon store here but guess that's the next step. I've not changed anything-wouldn't know how. Thanks.
Ya sorry. Its not the answer I wanted to give. Depending on how comfortable with it and adventurous you feel you could try using a RUU which would flash the phone for you. Or rooting and loading up a custom rom and see if the issue is still there.