[Follow-Up] Samsung May Be Preparing an 8-inch Full HD Galaxy Tab to launch at MWC


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Dec 30, 2010
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Yesterday, we caught wind of an 8-inch successor to the Galaxy Note 10.1, with a model number of GT-N5100. Today, we have a follow-up story that may shed new light on the rumor. According to the latest intel, this new 8-inch tablet from Sammy-land will not be a Note product, but instead could be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Additional clues to go along with this report also change some of the specs of this device. Yesterday the rumor-mill reported the tablet would have an 8-inch 1,280 x 800 pix res Super Clear LCD screen. Today's news contradicts that info by naming a Full HD 1080p display for the 8-inch tab. This new report also further confirms that the tablet is destined to compete with the iPad Mini.

Looking at these two reports, it's easy to speculate that both are indeed talking about the same device and are simply correcting misinformation. It's also just as easy to theorize we are talking about two different devices which have been confused as the same. Depending on the relative accurace of the intel provided, perhaps this is simply a case of mashing up the model number with two different products. We will keep an eye on this, and if anything new comes out before MWC, we will share it. If not, more than likely all will be revealed at that time.

Source: PhoneArena