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Sep 5, 2010
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I just found out my Note4 has a built in FM radio that is locked by AT&T, like many phones and most carriers.
An app called Next Radio, free on the Play Store, revealed the phone had it and it's locked. It also provides links to contact any carrier that locks it out and even includes a message to send.
I might not get my radio unlocked but I did find an easy way to voice my desire by using the app. It practically did everything but tap my send icon for me.

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This is the message it wrote out for me.

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This is the reply I got from the fcc
Thank you for your letter supporting the inclusion and activation of FM chip sets in mobile wireless handsets. Your views on this issue are very important.
As the Chairman recently indicated in a letter in response to a Congressional inquiry, he agrees with you that FM chip sets are a good idea, and understands that there are an increasing number of phones that include them.
Please be assured, one of the Commission's highest priorities is to ensure that all Americans have the capability to receive timely and accurate alerts, warnings and critical information regarding disasters and other emergencies irrespective of what communications technologies they use. As we have learned from previous disasters, such a capability is essential to enable Americans to take appropriate action to protect their families and themselves from loss of life or serious injury.
The Commission has a well-established policy of technologically-neutral regulation of the wireless telecommunications industry, which allows mobile wireless providers and equipment manufacturers to select and incorporate the technologies that will enable them to most effectively and efficiently deliver mobile alerts. Commission regulations do not prohibit activated FM chips in wireless handsets, and at least one major carrier has embraced the technology by providing FM radio access to their mobile customers.
I appreciate your interest in this matter.

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