FM Radio Does Not Launch


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Jul 25, 2010
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The first time I start the FM radio it works fine but if I end the radio do something like play music and then restart the FM radio it gets stuck with the message "FM radio is being launched, please wait". I then have to turn the phone off/on to get the radio to work.

Is anyone else having this issue?
I have not had this problem with the FM radio the headphone inserted securely when this happens?
I keep hearing the term task killers. So just what is a task killer ?
Thanks for the responses, I am pretty competent technically to all the obvious stuff I have eliminated. The problem is still occurring and when it does occur the only thing I can do to get the FM radio running is to cycle the phone off/on. There are no task killers and the phone stock -- no applications downloaded or installed other that what came the phone.
Same problem

I don't know whether anyone else has experienced this (besides the original author and me), or whether there is a known resolution. But I experience the same problem, with the same solution. For all practical purposes, it makes the FM radio application unusable, since I'm not about to reboot the phone just because I stopped listening to a radio station once.

I suspect that among users of high-tech Andriod devices, listening to FM radio is considered archaic, so maybe we're the only two users who have ever tried it.
I use the fm radio option all the time and what you described happens about 20% of the time. And I've found that the only fix is to turn the phone off and on. Not only that, it seems like the radio occasionally just turns off now. Very annoying.

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