Flickering display while taking pics/video and viewing as well (help)


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Sep 16, 2011
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I know from what I read on the forums that the camera and video have some issues. I wish I would have read this before getting rid of my revolution but I needed actual use of my phone and not constant rebooting and a nice camera.

This is something I noticed last night when recording a clip of our new puppies. While recording at default setting the screen would keep flickering black approx every minute or so. I thought maybe it was due to a low battery and never thought that is was actually being transferred into the video itself. When I played the video back on my computer though, I noticed that it was recording that way and it was not just a simple timeout of the screen as I once thought.

I tried the next day with both camera and video on a FULL battery and got the same results. It seems like this may be linked to the autofocus problem/bug I have been reading about. I checked and cleaned the lens too just to make sure that nothing was causing the cam to focus in and out all the time.

Wondering if anyone else is having these problems or is it just me. If so has anyone found a correction or app that can fix these issues while waiting for an answer / if any / for motorola.

The cam and video can take decent photos if the subject is sitting still with no problem, however try taking a baby or puppy running around and no luck at all.

Any internal settings that anyone has found that can control the auto focus time or an app that can change it?

Thanks for any help that can be given.