Flawless Liberty


Nov 21, 2010
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So about a week ago I decided to settle down with a rom after basically giving ALL of them a go for a week or two each. I usually (always) went back to RubiX Focused but man the ease of use modding Liberty really seemed to fit. I decided to give it a semi-permanent home on my X. Now I have been about a week on Liberty without a single glitch, reboot, freeze up and thought I would share my install approach just in case it made any difference what so ever. Before the mega-minds chime in...yes I know it's overkill but what are you gunna do...it works.

1. Plugged in phone to PC. Copied over save files like TB, Handcent, Media, DCIM, Z4root, dx bootstrap, liberty 1.5 zip, etc. Formatted SD card with PC. Copied back only the select backup files.

2. Used the full 2.3.340 sbf file to restore phone to stock. Activated then skipped all other activations after and installed bootstrap and z4root. Rooted and booted into recovery. (I like the full sbf over maderstcok340 as it is more complete according to reports?? or I use the TBH monster340.zip)

3. For good measure wiped data/cache and delvik cache. Installed Liberty Zip then immediately installed Liberty-test.zip , Rebooted.

4. Logged into everything and waited till all apps restored fresh from market. Adjusted my settings like sysctl on, ringers, etc. Used TB to restore data to email and a few user apps that i'm too lazy to setup again. Setup JRummy OC app to 1.15ghz ULV using the conservative governor (new yesterday for me). Changed pull down text. Also set LPP transition speeds up a little and turned off Liberty transitions and animations in spare parts. Makes the phone fast.

5. Rebooted into recovery and installed thirdeye theme and immediately the no status bar clock zip, rebooted.

6. Most important imo allowed battery to completely die, charged all night. If you leave phone plugged into the wall it should boot into recovery on power up. Go to advanced and reset battery stats and reboot. Run the phone till it dies again then fully charge overnight once again. This seems to do a successful battery calibration and let the hours fly by on my X.


With this stuff I am 8-12 hours heavy use, 12-30 hours moderate use, and 30-48 very light use on the Verizon extended battery. Again to all the haters this is what gets me days of battery and good performance. I know all phones are different it seems but maybe this will help someone.