Flashing IncDoes Desire Z ROM


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Dec 21, 2010
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I have not yet received my Droid Incredible but I have a few questions about the IncDoes Desire Z ROM...
1. How do I flash a ROM?( I know how to get into recovery mode but not much else)
2. How would I go back to the Droid Incredible Stock ROM?
3. Is everything working on the Desire Z ROM? (Camera,wifi,3g,calls,etc.)
Read as much as possible about flashing a rom then read it again! Remember to backup your current rom and that is how you restore your stock rom. There are website you can go to and download your stock rom! I'll post there web address once I find it again.
P.S. Good luck and Ultimate Droid is the best rom hands down!

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Few more questions! When you flash a ROM do you have to be rooted and is clockwork recovery required or is there some sort of recovery that lets you flash roms?
EDIT: I see that if you dont flash the slcd or the amoled rom correctly (like amoled rom on slcd) you get a black screen is the froyo rom the same way and do the other roms require that you download either a SLCD or AMOLED version? Sorry I am new to all of this but would really like to try new roms!
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