Flashable.zip Allows You To Easily Remove Bloat From Recovery


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Oct 6, 2011
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One of the top reasons that people root their device is for the removal of bloat ware. It isn't enough that greedy networks take upwards of $800 for new phones. They also get paid to include random apps in the devices firmware. Most of these bloatware apps can be easily removed in settings on ICS and Jelly Bean, however those of you with Gingerbread or earlier versions of Android may not have this option. Carriers also include their own apps that can not be disabled in settings. This is where apps like titanium backup come in. They allow you to "freeze" apps that are not needed. This still means that you have to go into the titanium app and individually select the apps that you would like to remove by freezing. You could also install a custom rom where bloatware has been removed, but sometimes this means loosing apps that you may have wanted to keep.

Developer "Broadways" has created a flashable script that will auto remove bloat apps after you restore a stock image or flash a new rom. You can edit the script to remove the apps that you want. This was originally developed for the Samsung Galaxy Y, but should work with other Android devices that have a custom recovery!