Flash Support Added To Dolphin Browser For Lollipop Devices


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Oct 6, 2011
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Flash... no not the super speedy friend of Oliver Queen, the kind built by Adobe, is becoming less relevant all the time. Just a few years ago Flash was the main reason i chose Android over iOS. The iphone never ran flash while this was one thing Android excelled in. You could watch any web video right from your phone. I was one of my only friends who could do this. Apple pushed for HTML6 mainly because Flash was heavy and made the iphone lag and even crash. Websites decided to go in Apple's direction, and today most media rich sites do not have a lick of flash on them. Today you can pretty much get the full on web experience from your phone without the need for flash.

However there are still a few sites lingering around that do make use of Flash. Some of these sites serve legitimate purposes while others are a bit on the shady side. If you still have a website or two that you visit regularly that uses flash you will be happy to know that the Dolphin Browser has just received an update that brings Flash support to devices running Lollipop. There are a few other features included in the update such as some Christmas wallpapers and theming, sync speed dials, add-ons, themes, and more. It should be noted that you will still need Flash installed on your device to make use of it in the Dolphin Browser. If you run across any flash content dolphin will direct you to the appropriate place to download and install flash.

Via Play Store