Enable Adobe Flash on Android 5.0 with FlashFox Browser


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Oct 11, 2010
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Flash Player hasn't been supported by Adobe on Android since 4.1 Jellybean back in 2012. Flash for mobile and out-of-the-box support for the technology disapeared. Technically, it was still easy to play Flash-based websites until 4.3, though, as the AOSP Android browser that was then pre-loaded on every smartphone still supported Flash.

When Android 4.4 Kit Kat was released, Google switched to Chromium for WebView support. WebView is the built-in browser used by the system to navigate to web pages without using your default browser. When WebView was replaced with Chromium, this broke support for third party browsers using Flash such as Dolphin and Puffin etc. Same thing with Android 5.0, officially, you can't get Flash sites to work on Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin and that's where FlashFox comes in.

Phone Arena put together a quick guide on how to add Flash support to devices running Android 5.0 and it really couldn’t be easier:

1) Download Flashfox Browser in the Google Play

  • Flashfox
  • Flashfox Pro
Flashfox is currently the only solution that worked for us. It comes in two versions - a free one, riddled with ads, and a paid version that costs $2.99 but comes with no annoying ads. Flashfox is really the only thing you need to be able to enjoy the many sites that rely on Flash, be it sports streaming or something else.

2) Download Flashify

  • Flashify on Google Play (free)
This second step is not mandatory, but Flashify is a nice addition to your browser, since most of you are not likely to switch their entire browsing to Flashfox. Flashify is basically a simple extension that adds a shortcut, so you can quickly open a page with flash in a different browser (in our case, Flashfox). It appears once you tap into ‘Sharing’ -> ‘Flashify’, and only there - you won’t find it in the app drawer after installation.