Flash Player Problems - Droid Incredible


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Apr 4, 2011
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Ok, I have been having a problem for a while now and it has started pissing me off, so if you can fix it, please help me.

Alright my problem is that when i am on the internet, on certain sites, such as youtube, my flash player wont load. It says i need to download the plug-in. I already have it downloaded and fully updated, so i tried trouble shooting this on my own in the following ways.

  • I made sure that my browser had "plug-ins always enabled"
  • I made sure I had Adobe Flash Player fully updated
  • I uninstalled the updates after it still did not work
  • Reinstalled the updates after uninstalling didnt work
  • Tried various browsers from the Android Market
  • Repeated the first 4 daily
  • looked for similar problems on the internet, and found nothing that worked
please help, I am running Android 2.2 on The Droid Incredible By HTC

If you need additional information to help fix the problem, just ask for it.