Fix for PowerMat wireless charger


Jun 9, 2010
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I've wanted a PowerMat charger sense the came out but with all I've read about them it just seamed that no one could get them to work? So today I was at BestBuy dodging all the Ipad 2 heads, and I saw the object of my desire? How lovely it seamed hanging in the little box with that awsome Droid X pic of the box. So I thought well I can always take it back..

Came home and the back went on easy and the funky little connector on the side I didn't like right away... Got it all on and plugged it in, it made a the little sound and the lights came on but the phone didn't show charging. Ok here we go I thought! Crap I shouldn't have even wasted my time.. well back it goes..

Ok then I got thinking about the connector how it might contact, I graped my magnfiying glasses and in good light I removed the back and looked at the inside part at the bottom where the funky connector plugs into the back, You can see 5 little wires like the kind in a USB port but without the plastic backing I took a small screw driver and pushed all the wires-tabs down to the bottom and to my surprise they bent down easy. dancedroid

I left the funky connector out and reinstalled the back then carefully plugged in the connector and tried it again. BINGO it works so it wan't making connecting so it could charge, I think it will be ok now but they could have made it with a plastic back on the wires so it couldn't flex like this this wouldn't have been an issue.. dancedroid:reddroid: well now I can charge wireless