Fitness Friday / Halloween Edition


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Apr 1, 2011
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Happy Fitness Friday!

We've talked about a number of topics since starting this journey together, and I wanted to post a topic that we can all continue to benefit from regardless of our fitness level. If you go back over the past weeks, many of our topics have discussed healthy eating, clean eating, cutting back on processed foods, etc. While it often seems that we're bombarded with this topic of discussion, what we put into our bodies has the largest impact on your overall results.

Whether your number one priority is weight loss, adding muscle mass, or trying to lower your cholesterol, what you eat should be your number one priority above everything else.
We all know what needs to be done, so let's discuss some of the ways to make that easier. The number one concern for most people is time or lack thereof. It's more convenient to swing through the drive-thru for a breakfast sandwich or happy meal for the kids after a long day at work. The other contributing factor I hear about is cost. "It costs too much to eat healthy". This couldn't be further from the truth if you're talking long term. Sure, you grab a couple items off the dollar menu, but honestly how often does that happen? More often than not it's a 4-6 dollar combo meal. Tally that up for a family of 4 and you've just spent 25 bucks for an unhealthy dinner that gave you very few healthy calories. You can take that 25 bucks and feed the same family of 4 breakfast, lunch & dinner for two days.

Learn to start cooking with your kids or your significant other. Not only is it a great way to connect with each other, its a lot of fun and a great start on a path to healthy eating. It doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming.

There's a great app called Cookpad (previously known as AllTheCooks) that I've been using for years. They've got a great search engine and thousands upon thousands of amazing recipes. Many that only require a few ingredients and 30 minutes or less to prepare.
YouTube is another amazing tool when it comes to cooking, learning how to cook and learning how to cook/eat healthy.
Another time saver if you have a large family is cooking in bulk. I have a number of friends who take one Saturday a month and cook up chicken breasts, burgers, mini chicken pot-pies, different casseroles, breakfast burritos and just a variety of dishes. Then they freeze everything in single servings so they can easily & quickly go from freezer to microwave (or oven) for a quick meal for those days when you are truly pressed for time. Once you start to get away from fast food and processed foods, you'll start noticing some amazing changes with your body.

I know we all have busy lives, but sometimes it's the little things that can have a big impact over time. Two things I do each and every day. Take the stairs wherever I am and parking. I can't stand door dings so I park as far away from other cars as I can. It keeps my car looking new and I get some walking in at the same time. Do you have some tips of your own to share? What are some of the steps you and your family have taken to eat healthier or be more active?

Enjoy yourselves this Halloween weekend and be safe.
A quick tip we use each year to keep from getting stuck with two bags of Halloween candy. Empty all of your candy in a large bowl and towards the end of the evening tape a small hand written or printed sign on the bowl that reads: "Please take one" OR
"Help yourself".
The neighborhood kids will clean you out and you won't be tempted to polish off the remaining snickers bars by yourself over the weekend. :)

A big thank you to PC747 for allowing me to fill in this week as guest writer.
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Jan 9, 2012
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I clicked this as I'm eating Taco Bell. <3