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Dr. Carpenter

Jan 8, 2011
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Hey all, I'm a bit late to the game, but I've been having a blast learning from everyone on here that has been customizing their X. I finally got the boot animation figured out and thought I would share my first one. Credit for the original animation goes to witschNet on youtube. You can check out his video for an idea of what my boot animation looks like, since I don't have a camera besides the one on my phone.


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Try it out, let me know what you think! I'm not an artist, so coming up with original animations probably won't happen, but I can at least convert videos now :)
Still not able to get black ops to work thought maybe I'd unzipped it while back just don't remember......but after I re dl it (since I finally deleted it and renamed original back to bootanimation) don't unzip just move to data/local rename current then paste an rename to and thats it right? Currently use jrummy's animations from his root tools (liked to use random where it uses animations I've dled only it will only use last animation clicked) which is y I'd really like black ops only now....
Yup. Don't unzip just move to data/local and rename. If your still having problems, post the zip on here and i'll take a look at it.

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Post the animation zip on here and I'll take a look at it.

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I've got the animation working on my phone, no sound. I looked in the desc file in the zip and there is no command to play the audio. I will add that and see if I can get it to work later when I can get to my computer

For the animation, dl the file. The other two are the sound files. You should only need one of them, most likely the android_sound.mp3 file. For now, just get the zip and put it in either data/local or system/media using root explorer. I'll let you know if I get the sound working.
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