Finally Samsung Announced Launch Time and Place of Galaxy S5


Jul 9, 2013
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Recently a credible Italian Journalist Flavio revealed on his Twitter that from a credible source he has been reported that Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to launch in London, Mid of March. So guys, get your self ready for the all new S5. Hence this news has confirmed the rumors regarding the launch of S5 in first quarter of 2014.
Launch Timing of Samsung Galaxy S5


there are sites who says different timing from you.
I was reading an article earlier that Samsung is going to Ditch home button, eye scanner and wireless charging features from S5 which I don't think is the best option. They should add eye scanner and wireless charging feature to attract more people.

Ik my upgrade is coming up in march or April and honestly I'm looking for wireless charging devices, cool features, and some pretty awesome specs. I'm looking at the HTC one two and the S5 and I'm just not sure which one I like more. I have had a HTC before and it was horrible only because it was the thunderbolt(had a new replacement every month almost). I want to try the S5 but if wireless charging is ditched then they can forget it. I want wireless charging because I'm a college student and I like to live on the go. I want to be able to set my phone down and know its charging and then just pick it up when I'm leaving.
We only use wireless charging on our S3's and Nexus tablet. Could be a deal breaker.
I think maybe your thread title should rightly read "Flavio announces S5 launch time and place". I don't believe Samsung has announced anything yet.