Finally! Fast Forward and Rewind Functions Added To Periscope Replays!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Periscope is the live streaming app that has taken the web by storm. Periscope has quickly grown their user base to over 10million users! Periscopers range from Movie Stars, to comedians, to bored stay at home moms. Periscope is so interesting because you can see what is going on in countries across the world in real time. I watch a few scopers regularly. Many times I am unable to watch live and have to catch the replay.

One of the most annoying aspects of the periscope replay has been the inability to fast forward and rewind. If you tune into a scope for a giveaway you probably don't want to be forced to sit through 10 minutes of rambling to see who won. The other annoying thing is if you were watching a 30 minute scope and someone called you, you would lose the feed and be forced to start from scratch.

Friday Periscope released an update for Android that incorporates fast forward and rewind for replays. This makes the replay experience 100% better! Head to the Play Store to accept the update.

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