Feedback please.. Droid 3 to Droid RAZR


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Nov 15, 2009
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Don't want any scolding for asking for a direct opinion on this so please lock or delete the thread.


So I am going to summarize my recent experience with Verizon.


Back in september my wife wanted to upgrade from her ally to the Droid 3 using the early upgrade they were offering.
I was still on my OG. I still loved it but was definitely struggling with some tasks, especially newer Ram sucking apps.

So she got her Droid 3, it was actually fairly nice and I liked the big screen and what not. I am still a lover of the Hardware QWERTY, but its not a total dealbreaker.

The rep noticed my upgrade was available and suggested I take advantage of the BOGO deal on the D3. I knew the Galaxy Nexus was going to be announced soon, but also knew funds would be tight and 2 dual core phones for $150 sounded great.

I received my D3 a few days later and was disappointed to find that the speaker in the ear piece did not work. They sent me another new one at no cost, and that one rebooted anytime the slider was closed. They sent me a third new one that worked but charged my account full retail. They said it was an accident caused by the fact that I needed 2 replacements as the worry free guarantee (get another new phone if a new phone is received that doesn't work) is only built to handle one replacement.

After a week of phone calls they refunded me. 4 weeks later they charged me for the full retail for not returning one of the defective phones. I did return both bad phones, and the reps even saw that I did. They promised to fix it. 2 weeks later they disconnect my service for not paying the $559 charge. Despite all the notes and work at fixing it they cut off all 5 lines on my account. I went to a store and they couldn't understand why the billing dept did that with all the different supervisor notes and they reinstated the account.

A week later they finally credited my account for the wrongful charge and apologized, but not 559, only 484. I called and they explained that there was a $15 per line charge for reconnecting me. I fought with the rep who finally offered to refund 2 of those. I couldn't believe. thankfully a supervisor straightened that out. And all seemed well. (well i don't know if I'd call it well as all I achieved was them giving back what never should have been taken) They offered no consolation aside from fixing what was done wrong. Over these past 5 months I have spent more time on the phone and in store that I'd care to admit.


I reached my limit today when my D3 stopped working. I went to the store and they offered to give me a different phone, any phone of my choice/ sounded great I asked for a Galaxy Nexus, and they came back and said I cannot go from 3G to 4G. So my options were basically to take a crap phone as most recent phones are 4g (**** the d3 and bionic are the same things aside from the gig of ram and 4g in the bionic) so I was quite angry.

After 3 hours of going up the line of authority in store they told me to call customer service as they had more reach with these things. I stood my ground and they finally offered me the RAZR ( likely because the MaXX is replacing it)

I didnt want to give up my QWERTY for anything non nexus, but I accepted it (I have 14 days to change my mind)


(Sorry for the drawn out story, I know most is my own fault for not waiting out for the G-nexus but what can you do...)