FC'ing on all car/parking apps


Nov 9, 2009
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this thread is pointless now - everything's fine w/ saphire 1.0


I've been using Carrr Matey on my M.Droid for many months and never had a problem - until yesterday when it force closed before the app loaded.

Here's what I did (with GPS always enabled, though I did cycle it on and off to test that out):

  • move CarrrM from SD card to internal memory (not fixed)
  • uninstall Carrr Matey & restore app from Titanium Backup (not fixed)
  • uninstall CarrrM & restore app + data from TB (not fixed)
  • uninstall CarrrM & did a clean install from the market (not fixed)
  • downloaded Car Locator & Find My Car Lite (same exact FC issues)
I went through all those same steps with various speed & voltage kernels (P3Droid & ChevyNo1) and other ROMs (Simply Stunning 4.6 running FRG01, Succulent Desire 7 and Insanely Clean both running FRF84B...you get the idea)

These are the only FC issues I'm having with any of my apps & it's strange that happens on every build and only with car parking location apps, especially since google maps & google navigation work fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions besides using google maps's horrible walking directions??
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