FB & Contact Sync Nightmare!!


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Apr 6, 2011
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Maybe someone out there has the right answer, this has been driving me nuts!
I have a Droid 2G. I noticed that my contacts who were linked with FB were not updating statuses or pictures for a while, despite using syncmypix. In an attempt to fix this, I uninstalled FB and removed my account from the phone. When I re-added facebook in both forms, I am now missing all the FB contacts that were manually linked with phone contacts. However, some contacts are auto-linked... but these are not people I regularly talk to. Most of my FB friends are on my phone, but not all.

The bottom line: Everyone I actually talk to on a daily basis is missing a FB contact. As in, the only people I really want to be able to link contacts for. :icon_evil:

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!