Fake Caller ID App Really Works.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Have you ever needed to spoof the number that appears on caller ID? This could be used for all sorts of dubious purposes, but there are some really good use case scenarios for this app. This past weekend I was trying to locate a family member who suffers from a drug addiction. He was screening his calls and would not take calls from any of his family members.

We were able to find the number for one of his drug dealers through one of his friends. We used the "Fake Caller ID" app to call him from what appeared to be his drug dealer's phone number. When he answered he told us "I've got the money if you've got the bags, then he asked if we would meet up with him still thinking he was talking to his drug dealer. In the end we were able to locate him safely. The good news is that he was also not able to get his fix.

Besides serious uses this app can be used for other things like prank calls. You actually get 3 free calls a day so however you use the app you will want to be sure to make your calls count. I never had a need to use the app more than 3 times in one day so I am not sure how much each call cost after that. Head to the link below to grab this app for free!

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