[ROM] FactoryROM v1.0 BETA [09/26/2012]


FactoryROM Developer
Dec 15, 2011
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Hershey, PA
  • Built from Google Android v4.1.1 Revision 6 Source (JRO03R)
  • Custom Black and White Theming (Inverted Framework)
  • AKOP / CyanongenMod / Team EOS / Codename Android Hybrid
  • Developer Options
  • Quiet Hours Settings
  • Ability to Implement Custom Profiles
  • Extended Reboot Options
  • Customized Display Settings
  • Customized Sound Settings
  • Performance Settings
  • Custom LED Settings
  • Custom Lock-screen Settings
  • Custom Status Bar Settings
  • Custom Messaging Application
  • Custom Camera Application
  • Framework Customization
  • Custom Phone Application
  • Custom Notification Bar
  • Custom Sound Settings
  • T-Mobile Theme Chooser
  • Faux Hybrid-3.0.42 Kernel for Jellybean
This is JUST THE START of a project that I have been working on. Basically I have a very stable base with a great set of options to customize the phone to your personal preference. I want to thank all of the hard working teams such as AOKP, CM, EOS, Codename, and all of their dedicated members for making this ROM possible. Most of the Android development I have done in the past has consisted of device ports and this is my first real go at a AOSP source based ROM. I take NO CREDIT for any of the functionality which is included in the ROM. I simply merged the existing source code to produce a work of art. The next step for FactoryROM is to include some of my own settings and options, but first things first... Once this project is out of BETA stage, I plan on supporting over 10 devices and tablets. Please let me know how your experience is with FactoryROM and this will determine where I go from here.

FactoryROM Version 1.0 BETA
MD5: 5758e0d2a79a97fa0cb1db8070255f37

Google Applications (07/26/2012)

Installation Instructions:
  • Download FactoryROM & Google Applications
  • Boot into Recovery
  • Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache and System
  • Flash FactoryROM
  • Flash Google Applications
  • Reboot
Please note that FactoryROM.com is current under Development and will return shortly...

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