Facelock Help!


Mar 10, 2010
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I was using Facelock recently to lock my phone and began having issues with it locking the screen randomly for no reason. So I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it with TB but it froze each time causing me to have to force close TB to get it to quit. I then bought it from the Market (PS) but just before it finishes installing it errors out each time saying that I don't have enough space to install this 6MB app when I have over 1.4GB. I then installed a few other apps and games from the Market (each 10MB or more) and they installed fine.

So I can't figure out a way to reinstall this app, and now it's even paid for! Have any of you ever seen this before when only one app won't REinstall? Do any of you know of a way to clear this up or bypass the error? I really liked Facelock, and like I said, it's even paid for now. Please help. Thx.