Facebook: Uploading Pics and Viewing videos


Jan 6, 2010
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Moto Droid - Stock - Up to date

For quite some time now I haven't been able to upload pics to facebook. I select my desired pic and click share and it just stays in the notification bar with 0% completed.

Also, When I click to view videos and youtube videos within Facebook (and other programs) It says sorry unable to load video.

If anyone has any insight on these subjects please let me know. Thanks.

I do not know if you left some steps out, but here is the sequence on my phone to upload a picture from my gallery to Facebook.

1. Go into gallery and choose the photo to upload.
2. Click the home button and choose share. I get a pop up with different programs and I choose Facebook.
3. I get a screen with the picture in it with Upload or Cancel at the bottom and an icon in upper right that allows me to choose which album I want to place the picture in.
4. Choose upload.
5. Pull down notification bar and watch the progress bar as it uploads.

The only part I do not like is that I can not put a caption on it as you can in a text or email.

I stopped using the FB app to try videos. I go to the web site (placed a shortcut on home screen). Then have no probs viewing vid's.