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Jan 10, 2011
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In the web version you can specify whether you want post from all friends or just those you interact with frequently. On my Droid I am missing a lot of posts that are on my newsfeeds on the web. Is there a way to get the Droid App to show all posts? I have tried every menu on every screen in the Facebook App I can not find a setting for this.
It should go by whatever you have setup on your fb account I believe.

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I don't think so, because on my Facebook account I have selected to see posts from all friends on the newsfeeds and I do. On my Droid the newsfeeds are missing several posts that are on the web version.

Interesting. I'd probably start with uninstalling and re-installing the app (which sounds like the culprit to me).

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I have pretty much gave up on this app. I check it whenever there is a new update, but it is still pretty much useless. The touch version in the browser works the best for me. Has all the info I need, and filters out all the game crap. Simple, clean, and fast. The touch site is what the App SHOULD be...IMO. :)
Check the amount of time for FaceBook updating...it could be you have the phone app set to update at a longer interval....
Tried the Facebook touch, same posts show up as with the app. Auto refresh set for 30 mins in the app.

As I look at it closer, some of the post that show up on the app are from people I have never interacted with after accepting the friend request. Many of the posts that are on the web version and don''t show up in the app are from people I have interacted with frequently.

Might just be a Facebook thing. I wish the Facbook touch or the app had a most recent tab at the top like the web version.

On the touch site, If you tap on "News Feed" it will change to "Live Feed", which is the same as the most recent on the full site!