Facebook and syncing issues


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Sep 25, 2011
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So I bought my Droid bionic about four days ago and my facebook contacts were synced when I initially set up the phone. Then I noticed that I was getting double contacts in my contacts list. So I disabled the facebook account. After furhter searches, I discovered that my contacts could be joined to erase the duplicates. I then tried to resync my facebook contacts and now my phone will not sync to the facebook contact list at all...I noticed this happening after the latest facebook update. I have tried display options and only recognizing facebook contacts under my accounts. Is anyone out there that can help with this issue????
I have the same problem too , no FB contacts and can't sync with facebook. have you tried manually trying to sync? 1.) turn off background data 2.) go to market 3.) prompt will pop up asking you to enable background data 4.) you'll be taken to account and sync setting 5.) look below for facebook and try to sync it - mine is grey out and cant be, and no syncing happens if i try to sync it.
Tried that earlier and no go. Then did a factory reset and bypassed initial account set up. Then tried manually and the option is still grayed out. Any other suggestions?

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Please help i have the same problem!, the guy at best buy synced the contacts and pictures when i barely bought it, i removed the facebook account by accident and now i cant get the pictures or photos back
[h=1]Google To Facebook: You Can't Import Our User Data Without Reciprocity[/h]
posted on November 4th, 2010

The war between Google and Facebook is heating up: Google just made one small tweak to its Terms of Service that will have a big impact on the world’s biggest social network. From now on, any service that accesses Google’s Contacts API — which makes it easy to import your list of friends’ and coworkers’ email addresses into another service — will need to offer reciprocity. Facebook doesn’t, so it’s going to lose access to this key piece of the social graph.
So what does that mean in layman’s terms? When you initially sign up for Facebook, you’re run through a series of prompts asking you to enter your Google account information so that Facebook can import the email addresses of your contacts. This is a very powerful feature because it helps new users instantly connect with dozens of their friends. And Google is turning it off, because it thinks Facebook isn’t playing fair.
You see, Facebook has never allowed users to export the contact information of their friends. This has been a gripe against the social network for years, because there’s never been an easy way to pick up and leave Facebook with your own data in tow. But what, you say? Didn’t Facebook just launch a new feature that lets you download your information?
Yes and no. The feature lets you download content you’ve uploaded — photos, wall posts, videos, events, and messages. But the export feature leaves out the most valuable set of data: your contacts. Yes, Facebook will give you a list of their names, but it doesn’t attach any contact information: you don’t get their email address, phone numbers, or anything else another service could use to rebuild your social graph somewhere else.

Well there you have it!!! Not gonna work anymore