Extended Battery causing loss of 4G..Why?

I understand how the REPS at VZW can't know everything about every phone but they need to work on the system and train groups with various devices or have groups that deal with HTC groups that deal with Samsung and so on and so forth..... Calling and trying to trouble shoot an issue with a REP who has never touched the model you are referring to is next to impossible.... For him to be so certain that the cover had nothing to do with signal is not acceptable.. Again I fully understand not all reps can know about all phones but VZW could do a MUCH better job on directing calls to reps who are knowledgeable with that brand or model... Especially with the BIG selling phones like the Rezound.... That was a headlining phone for a while for them... From what I understand that when VZW started to carry the iPhone one of the big things VZW had to agree to was that they would set up a specific "department" for all things Apple related... That way when a customer called with an iPhone issue they spoke with someone who was properly trained in that line... Now whether that is accurate or not I am not sure but I think it is something more of the manufacturers should look into.... I am sure VZW has training for the phones to the employees but most of the people who work they do it as a job and don't take it serious enough to learn the products and educate themselves fully on all the devices....

Most definitely, that model, if implemented would be ideal.
We got the extended battery/cover from Verizon and her phone gets 4G with it. It's cool that in the end we got an extra extended battery as well. Of course, there was nothing wrong with the original extended battery. Guess who claimed the spare? :blink:;)

BTW Miller6386,

Thanks for the leading us on the right path.
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