Essential shipped only 88k phones

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Jun 7, 2017
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such high hopes, such big dreams but Essential only shipped 88,000 phones in 2017.

Essential knew it had a hard road ahead of it. Andy Rubin and company acknowledged as much when they launched a handset aimed at taking on the likes of Apple and Samsung. Given that the company hasn’t issued anything in the way of official numbers thus far, a new batch of numbers from IDC are the best we have to go on at the moment

Essential reportedly only shipped 88,000 phones in 2017
Hopefully next version will have improvements with software and camera... They have the build down pat..

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I tend to agree but if it does not sell either, I believe it will be the end for that phone and possibly the company.
New colors launch

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Build quality is nice indeed... so you charging more money for new colors? Smh

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Fixed the link..

Ocean Depths will go on sale today at 12pm PST

Stellar Gray will go on sale Tuesday, February 20 at 12pm PST

Copper Black will go on sale Thursday, February 22 at 12pm PST

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seems to me, most who wanted the essential would already have them. it would be better to sell the different colors from the start than wait.
I guess being successful depends on your point of view. from what I read, a lot of tech sites consider the phone good but it was a failure when it comes to sales.