Escape from Tower - Horror Room Escape Game


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Aug 13, 2013
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Once you download ‘Escape from Tower’, a brutal escape begins!

Horror and shock of the tower that you can never escape from!

Prepare for the ultimate brain game to survive attacks of fatal enemies!!

Only the ones who survive to the last...can enjoy the true nature of this shocking tower...

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★Game Feature★

▶Mysterious scenarios: A story line that braces gamer’ nerves till the last moment.
▶Comics like artworks: An amazing graphic that feels like webtoons (Marvel, DC comics), not normal 3D.
▶Horrific episode videos: Attacks of deadly dark enemies hiding in the stages.
▶Smartphone optimization: Missions, puzzles, and game designs that make gamer use all the functions of Smartphone.
▶Realistic sounds: Fantastic sounds that make gamer immersed in the game (recommend you to turn up the volume or use earphones when gaming).

★How to play★

▶Explore the inside and outside of the elevator!
The basis of this game is to thoroughly perform investigation in all directions.
▶Use acquired items!
You should find items, closely investigating the floors, and use them at the right moments and places.
▶Solve puzzles in time!
You should solve puzzles in time in the hidden Time Trial stages.
▶There are secrets in the ID cards!
The identity of the main character and the last truth of the tower that are gradually unveiled as the game progresses. You should find them.
▶The hidden dark enemies
Horrible videos that will come out at any time and terrify you. You can find out the truth of the tower only if you watch them.