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Sep 4, 2014
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Child Play Room Escape is one of the latest escape games we released for Android and we would like to see some feedback from players.
★ Play one of the best and best room escape games
★ Game Category: Escape Games and Puzzle Room Escape Games
★ Easy Play

You are trapped inside Child Play Room! Try to Escape From Child Play Room If You Can !!!


Escape from Child Play Room by finding the clues carefully hidden.

Search the room to find a way to escape the Child Play Room in this challenging escape the game! Pay close attention to each object and search high and low for any clues, tools, or codes, that you can use to escape this urban room prison in this fun escape game for kids. Your progress is timed, so hurry up and find your way to freedom to earn a high score!
If you are in trouble use the HELP button and try to follow that instructions.
Good Luck!

★ Great game scenario
★ Fun for the whole family
★ Very easy to play
★Tricky brain teasers
★ Innovative and exciting gameplay
★Find Hidden Objects
★Logic puzzles
★ It's FREE!

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