Epic Blue for the Razr


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Theme Developer
Dec 27, 2009
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EpicBlue has now found a new home....on the RAZR!

Special thanks goes to:
Nitro and DroidTh3ory for developing the roms, and to stetsonaw for the icons!

You must be on eclipse v0.1 (link) - I will try to keep updated as long as the demand for the theme is there.
Download the x57.mopar.epicblue theme to sdcardext (link)
Reboot into recovery
Install zip from sdcard
Choose zip from sdcard
Select the mopar57 theme ( push up on the vol buttons twice)
When its finished, choose go back and then reboot.
Enjoy the theme!

Now for Abysm! It's been tested on the regular and extreme versions of 1.1
Epic Blue theme!!!
Instruction are the same as above

I have test and have had others test this theme before releaseing, there have been no reported problems. If you experience a problem or have notice something that doesn't look right or needs to be themed to match. Please let me know!