Ematic eGlide 4 Android 4.0 Tablet Available at WalMart for $80 Bucks

Also, it doesn't say anything about the Android market being included, so I doubt that is there along with other gapps. It may be possible to sideload it (them), especially if rooted.

it said it has "ematic app shop". not bad for 80 bucks for kids i think. 4gig + 5gig cloud for free, hdmi and 2 usb ports and ICS..not bad at all. the rezound just got ICS this thing comes with it. :biggrin:
You should definitely get a nexus 7. I sure love mine. I sold my old nook color to make up for some of the cost of the nexus 7. You should think about doing the same if your kindle is just going to be sitting in a droor :biggrin:
Nice price and all,but it's a Nexus 7 or nothin.Hey!!!,that's just the way it is.
Crankintopwater69 said:
Nice price and all,but it's a Nexus 7 or nothin.Hey!!!,that's just the way it is.

Yea, that's what I want now too!

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I'd buy this for my grandma if it had a front facing camera

And yes....the nexus 7 is boss status....mine is stock right now
N4UPD said:
The reviews at Walmart.com aren't too good for this tablet.

I wouldn't expect the reviews to be good. You generally do get what you pay for and I can't see the build quality being very good for this. So if you want a very limited tablet that will likely fall apart in under a year, then spend $80, but for most people, I would steer them far away from this. I also don't think this would work well for kids as they tend to be harsher on electronics and a poorly made device will get broken that much faster. Better to find something well built and pay a little more or something used on e-bay. Just my 2 cents.
Is it unlockable and hackable and stuff? it would be great for noobs like looking to enter the hacking world, if i brick it, its just a days worth of pay, not my week's check...
I am astonished no one brought up the "minimalist" design! Especially given that home key! I guess it's sales numbers will be the factor on if it becomes a target but then again, since when can you reason with logic when dealing with Apple...With that price point, I could see it selling well.