email while I sleep


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May 7, 2010
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I don't want to hear notifications about email while I sleep, because emails come at all hours. But I want to be able to still hear notifications about text messages.

Everything I've seen has emails and txts tied together as far as sound goes. can they be separated? I still want to get silent notifications and the green flashing light, but no noise for emails. I would even be good with no noise for emails ever, just the green flashing light/notification symbol on screen.
I had this same wish and I think there's a couple things you can do. I believe that in your email settings you can specify a notification that is specific to email. One of the choices would be notifications and you can select if you want the notification or not for email. If you do want one, you can go to Ringtone and select silent which would give you a flashing notification but no sound.

Another thing I have tried is to turn synch off when I go to bed. I still get texts, but email doesn't show until I resynch it and the ones that were sent over night generally show immediately.

Lastly, you might try app Setting Profiles that allows you to set differerent actions for different conditions and times of day. Though I can't recall if it lets you specify a difference between email notification and other other types.
If you open your e-mail then hit menu/setting you should see select ringtone/silent.
I have found all of the settings to change the sound and notification options. What I REALLY need is something that is on the LG enV vx11000 that I got for my wife. That is, to set a time range when notifications will happen (such as 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.).

Does something like that exist for Android based phones?