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jerry g

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Mar 17, 2010
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is there a way i can get notifications on my phone when i get yahoo emails? i get em through gmail. can i do that in accounts and sync, add acount, corporate? i'm not sure what corporate really is though so i'm askin.
You'd have to have your Yahoo account attached through an app (Yahoo's own, MailDroid, or K9). Corporate email is for Exchange accounts.

Yeah, yeah.. I'm on my phone. So?

i tried the maildroid first and i was able to get it to notify with the blue led but not make it vibrate, and only if the symbol was in the notification bar and it didn't seem to wanna stay up there like by default or high priority, so i uninstalled.

tried the k9 next and it wouldn't notify by led or buzz or sound and i couldn't get it to be in the notification bar at all, so i uninstalled. had a lot of nice options but didn't work.

tried yahoo last and it works. notifies by led and sound + vibrate. i would prefer to have it vibrate only and not make a sound but that's better than nothing because it does seem to run at high priority which is what i need notify at all times, so thank you. why the heck couldn't they have a vibrate only option though? eh i guess i can shut that off and just have led at least. so thanks again.