EB01/EB16 Froyo Theme Thread...Easier to keep up with!


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Feb 3, 2010
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Ok, I'm tired of having to post theme's in seperate threads(since we dont have a THEME section, I'm looking at you MOD's) and having to go back and update the threads individually so.....I'm going to do one thread and consolidate all available themes for EB01 Froyo here so I can more easily update and keep up with them(making it easier on you and me)....

In the dev section they just fade away and get lost....

Installing a theme:

First of all you must be Deodexed or on SuperClean for these to work(some are specific to build so be sure to READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS in the threads)

If you boot into Blue stock recovery just vol dwn to apply update.zip and hit the home soft key and u should boot into red CWMR.....

Download theme.zip to the root of your sd card(not in a folder)
Reboot manually into red CWMR(power off phone and then hold vol up+vol dwn+ pwr butt for 12 seconds)
Use vol up and down to navigate red CWMR and pwr button as enter/select
Wipe cache partition twice
In advanced wipe dalvik partition then hit menu to go back to previous menu
Install zip from sd card
Choose zip from sd card
Choose the theme.zip file you downloaded
Select yes to install
When finished hit menu to go back to main menu and hit reboot now

Good to go....Be careful flashing themes over other themes/Rom's etc...

And if a theme bootloops, dont freak out, just pull the battery, reboot into recovery, wipe cache and dalvik again and flash whatever Rom you were running before you tried to flash the theme and you wont lose all your apps/data etc...then start over...redownload theme or try another one.....

Hope this helps...............:)
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Feb 3, 2010
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All credit goes to nitroglycerine33 over at XDA for these themes...

Orig links: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=974198 & http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=985689

[Theme] NitroDark v3.0 (3/20/11)- EB01 SC 2.9.1
**I am not responsible for anything that may occur to your phone**

*NitroDark v3.0 -3/20/10*

If you like my work please feel free to donate to my coffee fund! http://forum.xda-developers.com/dona....php?u=3247702

-added back in some color (mainly some greens)
-changed the blue progress bars to green
-new themed launcher pro
-some new launcher icons (gmail,email and market) from bendbowdens honeycomb
-added in a themed touchdown for exchange launcher icon
-added in a themed latinime(stock) keyboard
-lightened up the lock screens
-themed many launcher icons
-removed all black gmail until I get time to edit it
-cleaned up some market images for the all black
-added in some new status bar icons
-cleaned up contacts and finished making it all black
-cleaned up browser so that it is all black now (frames)
-new dropdown notification bar modded from gingerbread
-added some background to the dialer buttons and a splash of green
-hopefully fixed some issues when flashing
-new bootanimation from dysgenic and modded by aph

Download NitroDark v3.0: http://www.mediafire.com/?qlugof8b0sisbs9

If you want some blacked out apps you can flash the NitroDark eclipse apps below. I do not have the time to edit market apps.

*NitroDark Eclipse Changelog 3/12/11*

I have completely rebuilt this version from the ground up to make this theme even better! I have created two version of this theme. One version has the music lock controls (Thanks Sbrissen)and one version without the music lock controls. Some people are having issues with Sbrissens new music lock controls so I have posted two versions of the new NitroDark. You can flash either version of SC 2.9 or 2.9.1. SC 2.9.1 has the music lock controls removed from it. I have not tested this on Blackhole, or DarkRevenge. I have listed some additional apps in another package now due to the size.

NitroDark Eclipse Features:
-Blacked out Gmail with new launcher icon. (just some custom shading)
-New Dialer with transparency and Google Voice (I will release a Verizon voice mail soon. The wife wants me to come to bed!)
-Custom new lockscreen slider icons. They are now more blacked out and go well with the new NitroDark.
-All menus have custom icons
-New Blacked out contacts with custom images
-new phone.apk with some blacked out menus and custom launcher
-New blacked out mms with the message bubbles from kenesis' message app
-New blacked out browser with custom dark launcher icon
-Misc status bar icons (3G, USB, vibrate, battery, bluetooth, etc..)
-New themed launcher pro with custom shading and transparency
-Themed settings menu with power controls and media dock controls
-New google voice blacked out with new custom launcher icon
-Google Maps custom launcher icon
-Themed deskclock with custom launcher icon
-Blacked out market with custom icons, and a hint of color
-Nice and clean bootanimation
-Blacked out "videos" and custom launcher as well as the music player
-New gallery and calendar launcher icons
-Blacked out themed Swype
-Many more new custom images and touchups of existing images
-Cleaned up black Google Voice as well as the widgets
-New Black transparent Google Search Widget with custom launcher

I also have created a new NitroDark Apps Package as well. Here is what is included:
-Blacked out Facebook 1.5.1 and widgets
-Blacked out Twitter 2.0 and widgets
-Custom ESPN live scores widget
-Custom YouTube widget
-Custom transparent Pandora with unlimited skips

Download NitroDark Eclipse Apps: http://www.mediafire.com/?zugwibb890r8q16
Download NitroDark Eclipse with music controls: http://www.mediafire.com/?af877rmoc077rr1
Download NitroDark Eclipse without music controls: http://www.mediafire.com/?n6g4ircmxic5m5l

NitroComb - HoneyComb Stytle theme below:
Come check out NitroComb v1.0 here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...3#post11945933

Version 2.3 changelog:
-Inverted Facebook so that it is now black with white text (updated apk)
-Inverted Twitter so that is it now black with white text (updated apk)
-Themed Launcher pro widgets so that they have some transparency so that it matches the rest of the theme
-Updated black/black market to 2.3.4
-Cleaned up more images!
-Updated Settings for mediadock

**Version 2.2 - Tested with SC 2.6, 2.7, 2.8
-Created new Google Voice Widgets (Now Transparent)
-Created a black transparent Pandora Widget
-Created a black transparent power control widget
-Updated framework from SC 2.8
-Working on an all black market 2.3.4. You can freeze the market updater if (using Titanium Backup) you do not want it to get updated

**Version 2.1** - Tested with SC 2.5, 2.6, 2.7(you get the idea), Blackhole 4.21, May work with other EB01 Roms. Framework should be compatible now.
-Now tested and works with Blackhole 4.21
-Cleaned up black gmail. I had some issues with images and some black on black text
-added some new themed icons in some of the settings menus
-Cleaned up some images in the notification area

Created some new black themed widgets:
-News and Weather (black themed)
-Google Search (black Themed)
-Themed Facebook
-Themed Twitter
-Themed YouTube

-Black Google Talk!!!
-Black Gmail!!!
-Market is now black instead of black/green
-Cleaned up dialer a little bit
-Cleaned up some images and removed some of the black on black items
-cleaned up black title bar when loading
-added new accurate battery (Sbrissen)
-addes new jar files from Sbrissen
-added edify script support for the new version of clockwork as well as the old.
-cleaned up the browser so that the black address bar does not appear when websites are loading
-changed download, volume, browser progress bars to green. (matches the theme better)

*** Version 1.1 fixes:
- I have resolved the issue with the 3g always appearing to look on although it is not.
- Updated using latest SC 2.7 frameworks
- Cleaned up market. It mainly has just a splash of green now and some color but mainly blacked out now
I wanted a dark theme with a little bit of color so I thought I would give it a shot. Let me know if you find any issues with it! I am sorry if I forgot to thank someone!! (NitroDark V1.0)

- Modified frameworks from Adryn's Super Clean 2.7 (Thanks to everyone, Sbrissen, andryn)

- Dark UI theme based off of images from Super Dark (thatdudebutch) and modded by me.

- 5 Lock Mod, AOSP and Rotary themed (Thanks to Sbrissen)

- Clock options, accurate battery and reboot options (Thanks to Sbrissen)

- Themed Dialer with Google Voice (Thanks to VA, modified by me)

- New power toggles and pulldown elements (Thanks to chopperthedog)

- Reboot options, clock hide in settings, and accurate battery mod (thanks to thatdudebutch and bendbowden, modded by me)

- Black themed Google Voice (nitroglycerine33)

- Modded launcherpro with colored icons in settings (nitroglycerine33)

- Themed black and green market 2.3.3 (Thanks to 00.ante for the neon green color and modded by nitroglycerine33)

- modded themed items in the browser, colored settings menus (nitroglycerine33, icons from manups nextheme framework)

- modded black out contacts app with colored settings menus (nitroglycerine33, icons from manups nextheme framework)

- modded phone.apk for custom colors (nitroglcyerine33)

- app widget picker is included (thanks to boombuler)

- modded usb connected (Thanks to VA for icons)

[THEME][EB01][3/14/11] Nitro HoneyComb v2.0!! SC 2.9 and SC 2.9.1!!
Welcome to Nitro HoneyComb!! It is honeycomb but Nitro Style!!

**I am not responsible for anything that may occur to your phone**

***Nitro HoneyComb v2.0 Beta!!***

I am bringing you my flavor of Honeycomb in beta form. I have used some of the images from obsessionxyz's version of honeycomb. Everything is fully functional except some areas have some black on black text. Such as adding a widget or occasionally when scrolling through menu commands in root explorer. I have stared at too much XML the past few days trying to fix it but I am running into a wall. So if anyone would like to assist me in tracking down the culprit xml file(s) it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I think this is one of the most complete Honeycomb themes for the fascinate. This version does not have the music controls on it and only tested with SC 2.9 and 2.9.1. It is a quick fix to add music controls later but I would like to try and fix the text issue before I add any more features.

Here is the changelog for version 2.0 beta:
-New wireless and radio signal strength status icons (mob87's honeycomb)
-Custom new honeycomb lockscreens (obsessionxyz, modded by me)
-Themed deskclock with integrated honeycomb clock widget images that I used from the xoom
-Themed launcherpro widgets from s23 and slightly modded by me
-New notifications bar icons and I added some honeycomb glow to it
-All menu items have a nice honeycomb glow to it
-Blacked out mms app with a some custom bubbles to match the theme
-new dialer from NitroDark
-new contacts app so that it is blacked out (looks cleaner)
-Cleaned up some images on the 2.3.4 honeycomb market
-blacked out gmail with a new launcher icon
-Some new status bar icons that I whipped up
-Themed Swype, black and blue

Themed launcher icons:
Camera, settings, gallery, music, settings to match the theme better.

Honeycomb themed widgets:
-Analog Clock
-Google Search
-Google Voice
-News and weather widget
-Power Control bar (used light blue color from Bendbowden)

Nitro HoneyComb Apps include:
Themed YouTube Widget
Themed Pandora and widgets
Inverted Black Twitter
Inverted Black Facebook
Theme ESPN Widget

Download NitroHoneyComb v2.0: http://www.mediafire.com/?19u2z6iuu0krjxg
Download NitroHoneyComb Apps v2.0: http://www.mediafire.com/?nnbdctqc9czl9px

If you like my work please feel free to donate to my coffee fund!!!!!
Donate: http://forum.xda-developers.com/dona....php?u=3247702

NitroComb 1.0 Features:

-Dark UI with a hint of blue with over 800 custom images!
-Customized launcherpro with a hint of blue (highlights and menu buttons)
-Honeycomb market 2.3.4 - thanks ante.00 for the market header
-Blacked out Gmail
-Blacked out Google Voice
-Blacked out Google Talk
-Custom Contacts with blue menus
-modded phone.apk colors
-Custom browser colors and background
-Reboot options, hide clock, accurate battery and framework (Sbrissen)
-Custom Calculator, USB Images, and boot animation from Team Carbon
-Custom wallpapers on sdcard after flash.
-Blue volume and progress bars
-Honeycomb battery, wireless and signal strength
-Blacked out stock mms app
-Black Transparent News and Weather widget
-Black Transparent Google Search widget
-Black Transparent Power control widget

Download NitroComb v1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/?15zjj4ou419qnps

NitroComb 1.0 Apps Features:

*If you are using any of these stock apps from the market uninstall them first!!

-Inverted Facebook app with Black Transparent widgets
-Inverted Twitter app with Black Transparent widgets
-Black Transparent YouTube Widget
-Black Transparent ESPN widget
-Themed Miui Music App

Download NitroComb 1.0 Apps: http://www.mediafire.com/?9ja6d1sn6aq6unw

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All credit goes to Tyler1234567 over at XDA for this awesome theme......

Orig link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=983445

[THEME][EB01]TransBlueHoneyCmb V11- *update* [03/17/11]
This theme is for superclean 2.9.1 and Dark revenge 3.
Its a combination of themes that I put together and decided to share with everyone to enjoy. Hope you like it. If you have suggestions let me know.

I want to say thanks to Mob87 he has been helping me get this going, and he provided the required framework. So thank him everyone!

I also should say thanks to Kenesis, Bigloof, Sbrissen, and Nitsuj17. Also thanks to anyone I forgot.

Added a version with the puzzle lock.

Version 11 screen shot

Version 10 screenshots









Includes blue boot animation, themed facebook, dialer, youtube,xda , and swype

Also features transparent status bar and tvshutdown screen from nexus s.

Changes in V11
New status bar icons

Changes in v10:
New icon from honeycomb theme
New alarm clock icon
New numbers for lock screen clock
New background for drop down widgets

VERSION 11 for darkrev w/pzl lock http://db.tt/hYS75qa

VERSION 11 for darkrev w/hnycmb lock http://db.tt/KAGrt7i

VERSION 11 for sc w/pzl lock http://db.tt/6k3sDQF

VERSION 11 for sc w/hnycmb lock http://db.tt/co5F1Jo

Themed apps here>>http://db.tt/c0sxkvH

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All credit goes to notta over at XDA for this port....

Orig link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=941456

[Theme][Port][EB01/DL30] Jumba's NeonGT + Originals [1.6]

Latest Releases

EB01 5 Lockscreens 1.6 - 03/12/2011 (full package!)


added Phone.apk (sbrissen's aosp answer)
added Mms.apk

I recommend a dalvik-cache wipe on this release due to the additions!

EB01 5 Lockscreens 1.5 - 03/10/2011 (full package!)


added in sbrissen's AOSP music controls for rotary and aosp lock
expanded transparency in dialer and contacts (now fully transparent)
misc cleanups
added bootanimation link at bottom

EB01 5 Lockscreens 1.4 - 03/05/2011 (full package!) (status bar mod)


added GoogleServicesFramework.apk
added status bar animation back in (was removed in 1.3)
reworked and remapped the status bar pulldown
-removed all spacing
-remapped clear button to Notification banner (Hide Notifications!)
-remapped and hid the carrier banner
a few minor and misc edits..

With the clear button being remapped to the Notification banner, the entire banner is now click-able and takes place of the clear button..

EB01 5 Lockscreens 1.3 - 02/26/2011 (full package!)


DownloadProvider.apk - cwm zip

coded in sbrissen's latest 5 lockscreen mod with hide clock options
expanded the font color scheme
some more animation work

This is a complete package! Nothing required prior to flashing.

Although, you guessed it.. Wipe your dalvik-cache!

EB01 5 Lockscreens Update 1.2 - 02/24/2011


Added am/pm back to fix clock alignment when using fonts other then default.
Thanks for pointing that out smstutler!

Update 1.2 can be applied over 1.0 or 1.1! If you are new to this theme 1.0 is required!

EB01 5 Lockscreens Update 1.1 - 02/23/2011


* Will make the clock in status bar partially un-viewable if using font other then default. *
* This only affects this update 1.1 *

Changed the clock to green
Removed am/pm from the clock in the status bar
Single line description in pulldown
Cleaned up a few icons

Also added SecDownloadProvider.apk. An attempt to keep progress stats white. I have no idea what uses this, but it's worth a shot.

EB01 5 Lockscreens 1.0


This is a full package and does not require any other zips!

This should also be considered for EB01 only!

All lockscreens have been fully themed to match and have undergone some layout modifications. The font color scheme has been slightly altered and increased(system wide). All images were brought current to match Jumba's 2.5 version.

Again, wipe the dalvik-cache before applying!

I accept no responsibility for any harm that may occur to your phone!

Jumba for all his hard work on the original theme!
adrynalyne for always releasing full stock roms!
sbrissen for creating the 5 lockscreen, clock, am/pm & AOSP music control mods!

Previous Releases

EB01/DL30 Universal 1.0


This is a universal neongt port for both eb01 and dl30. This is built off of all the eb01 files. I have tested this on dl30 and eb01 but your mileage may vary.

This does not modify any mods to your lockscreen, power menu or any other mods you may have, as this includes no jar's. I also forgot about calculator but I will get.

If you are not getting the transparency working, please re-apply the wallpaper of your choice and it should stick.

Of course a dalvik-cache wipe must be performed!

List of Apk's & Jar's that have been modified:



Gingerbread keyboards: (cwm zips)

NeonGT - http://bit.ly/frCuAd
Black NeonGT - http://bit.ly/gEmbdf

To activate the keyboard after installing, just long press on any text input box and choose Gingerbread keyboard.

** All credit for the gingerbread keyboards goes to 00.ante **
I just re-packed them. The original post can be found here!

Boot animations: (cwm zips)

Jumba's GalaxyS

My lightning experiment
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All credit goes to Bigloof over at XDA for this awesome theme...

Orig link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=937990

[Theme][Port][EB01][3.9.11] Midnight / Steel Blue [5 lock/Clock/Anim./Awake Mods]
Midnight theme ported from this thread
Steel Blue ported from this thread

Credits goto markyyyy, edint3000 and 00.ante for making this awesome theme.

Credits to sbrissen for Accurate battery, Reboot options, 5 unlock mod and the Clock options mod. Thanks for giving us the control that Verizon did not.

Credits to Cablev2 for the screen animations

So it sounds like alot of people are having trouble installing this theme. Make sure you install over a deodexed rom.

Midnight V1.0

Midnight V1.1

EB01 Midnight/Steel Blue V1.1

EB01 Steel Blue V1.0

EB01 Steel Blue V1.1

DL30 Midnight V1.0 - http://www.multiupload.com/G0X2G2BFPB
DL30 Midnight V1.1 - http://www.multiupload.com/5ZBDV5LN5H
DL30 Midnight V1.2 - http://www.multiupload.com/TRP2ZW8BDX (Requires compatible kernel) found HERE
EB01 Midnight V1.0 AOSP - http://www.multiupload.com/XCTIE1OZRZ
EB01 Midnight V1.0 Puzzle Lock - http://www.multiupload.com/SK6ZBZX071
EB01 Midnight/Steel Blue V1.1 AOSP - http://www.multiupload.com/X20F30BDJ4
EB01 Midnight/Steel Blue V1.1 Puzzle Lock - http://www.multiupload.com/5AB4SP7099
EB01 Midnight/Steel Blue V1.1a AOSP - http://www.multiupload.com/SXEEHJXZN0 ( charge anim. fixed + added samsung MMS )
EB01 Midnight/Steel Blue V1.1a Puzzle Lock - http://www.multiupload.com/2O04RND1N4 ( charge anim. fixed + added samsung MMS )
EB01 Midnight/Steel Blue V1.2 Multi Lock Mod - http://www.multiupload.com/4JFQ8V8GKZ
EB01 Midnight/Steel Blue V1.2SE Multi Lock Mod and Custom Screen Animations - http://www.multiupload.com/Z3FEOGQ0FI
EB01 Steel Blue V1.0 - http://www.multiupload.com/G6HJWCMZFV
EB01 Steel Blue V1.1 - http://www.multiupload.com/1QURJ6AWZD
EB01 Steel Blue V1.2 SC2.6 - http://www.multiupload.com/BD318OR8QW (For Superclean 2.6)
EB01 Steel Blue V1.3 SC2.7 - http://www.multiupload.com/4JGDGZWU1C (For Superclean 2.7)
EB01 Steel Blue V1.4 SC2.8 - http://www.multiupload.com/YZIUI49PU3 (For Superclean 2.8) -Patch for V1.4 Animations - http://www.multiupload.com/GGDJOW7GGU
EB01 Steel Blue V1.5 SC2.8 - http://www.multiupload.com/CVS8I363TF (For Superclean 2.8) -Alternate Themed Market - http://www.multiupload.com/UGNVFKW1OF


AOSP Phone.apk - http://www.multiupload.com/BEQ7NMTOFL

Themed Samsung MMS -http://www.multiupload.com/UJ0TQ4F2JN


Updated color
Blue Tube Launcher -http://www.multiupload.com/07N42TMDWO ( Credits to H0CKEY for the icon set )

Blue Tube II H0CKEY Icons - http://www.multiupload.com/7Y2R0SCMWC


Blue Launcher -http://www.multiupload.com/OL0LSC4AUW

Stock Launcher -http://www.multiupload.com/5SH5RACD54 (in case you want to go back to stock)

Boot Animations - click to download


ENJOY !!!!!!
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All credit goes to notta over at XDA....

Orig link: [Theme][1.1][EB01] Grape Fizz! - xda-developers

[Theme][1.1][EB01] Grape Fizz!
A random theme I was working on, More so for the ladies but to eaches own..

No confirmed name. Grape fizz was the misses suggestion. I re-worked the NeonGT port I did, basically an inverted NeonGT. There may be things I am missing or have not done yet.

I just want to put it out there and see if there is an interest for this and will try to update according to feedback.

For now it was meant to try and be minimally invasive, as to not break any other mods you may currently have.

As of now only tested on EB01!

EB01 Grape fizz! 5 Lock - 1.1 - 03/06/2011

added JobManager.apk
reworked the font color scheme
remapped status bar pulldown (Notifications! banner is the clear button now)
removed transparency on Contacts.apk (remains in dialer)


adrynalyne's remapped google voice dialer - http://bit.ly/dGXwpp

EB01 Grape fizz! 5 Lock - 1.0 - 03/01/2011

Added Contacts.apk
cleaned up a bunch of images
more font color adjustments in the main framework
preview images below updated as well

This contains the full theme!

A dalvik-cache wipe is recommended!

Known Bugs:
pulldown icon text turns white when activated

Themed files include:



Jumba, re-worked his images
adrynalyne, for the stock roms and gv dialer
sbrissen, for the 5 lock screens, hide clock & am/pm mods
everyone else that makes it possible for us to even theme are phones

Beta Versions!

Grape Fizz 5 Lock - beta.03 - 02/28/2011

Beta 03 now contains sbrissen's 5 lock screen and clock mods! The list of files themed has been updated.

This should address the majority of the white text issues as well as the clock in the status bar. It is a rather system wide change though so it may change other things.

A dalvik-cache wipe is recommended!

Grape Fizz - beta .01 - 02/27/2011

A dalvik-cache wipe is recommended!

** Flash at own risk! **



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All credit goes to Syn Ack over at XDA for this cool theme....

Orig link: [THEME] [HYBRID] [EB01] STEALTH v1.1 (Update 3/11) - xda-developers

[THEME] [HYBRID] [EB01] STEALTH v1.1 (Update 3/11)
First off, the thanks:
sbrissen (5 Locks and Boot options)

v1.1 - Changed status bar icons, changed progress bars and other bars to orange instead of stock green, fixed some things. If any of your notifications are BLACK text, its because the application itself uses black text and not my theme. Thanks butch for pointing that out.

This theme is straight based off Adrynalyne's latest SuperClean 2.9 (part of his theme is done by Kenesis). It takes a good bit of his original theming mixed in with a lot of the Mimialist theme from jspidah from here. Also I have included a few things from my own personal BWT theme located here.

I wanted this to be a lightweight change from Adrynalyne's original SuperClean 2.9. The file is only 9mb! I wanted to incorporate some stealth-like blackness into it along with transparencies and simple minimalist things. Also included are my battery icons as well as a few other things such as random png's.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. This is going to be my daily driver for a good while.

DOWNLOAD: Stealth v1.1

Also, I have included to my version of the Sony Xperia Arc Launcher, which works on all Galaxy S models. It is lightweight and simple, it works as a better alternative to a similar to stock look, its minimal and incorporates a sexy transparent theme to it. Also, it has the option that uses FOLDERS, like the iPhone and MIUI. Thanks to backhead92 for the modification to fit our phones from here. All I did was tweak a few things around to remove unimportant little things, and make it transparent. Hope you like my version.

DOWNLOAD my Fascinate Xperia Launcher:
Galaxy S Xperia Launcher

ENJOY !!!!!!


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Feb 3, 2010
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All credit goes to cfrost88 over at XDA....

Orig link: [THEME][EB01][3-15-2011] NexTheme Port UPDATED - xda-developers

[THEME][EB01][3-15-2011] NexTheme Port (V 3.0) FIXED & UPDATED
UPDATED 3-15-2011

I did NOT create this theme and take no credit for it. I only ported it to work with EB01 with a few minor changes.

The original thread is here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=617541

Let me know your thoughts and any ideas you may have for this theme.

I only tested this on SuperClean 2.9.1 so let me know if you have any issues.

I threw this dialer together. Kinda kanged it from the MIUI Pro Elite theme.

Download Link:
V 3.0
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All credit goes to bendbowden for this nice theme....

Orig link: [Theme] [3/1/11] Touch of Blue [Final] [EB01] - xda-developers

[Theme] [3/1/11] Touch of Blue [Final] [EB01]
Note to Users

Because of my growing frustration with Samsung, I have decided to focus my efforts on theming aosp and will not be updating TOB from this point on. I am grateful for all the interest and support you guys have shown for this theme, but all good things must eventually come to an end. I'm not sure how much longer I will have a Fascinate, but I am sure that I will be running aosp/cm builds for the rest of the time that I do. If anyone would like to take this project over feel free to do so.




- Themed statusbar and dropdown menu.
- Themed lockscreens.
- Themed Android & Samsung widgets.
- Themed dialer with optional voicemail button defaults.
- Themed progress bars, menu options, etc.
- Accurate battery and reboot options.
- Fully debinged browser and Samsung keyboard.
- Option to remove the statusbar clock.
- Themed LP+ widgets (separate download below).
- Optional Modified TW Launcher.

Recent Updates

(3/10) - Added tab/rotary lockscreen music controls by sbrisssen. I did not personally test as I'm on aosp, but I'm positive it will work.
(3/1) - Changed update script to edify for support with new cwm 3.0 (although I'm not sure how necessary this is atm). Confirmed working with regular and red cwm.
(3/1) - Grabbed Adrynalyne's Settings.apk for compatibly with SuperClean 2.x. I tested and confirmed it working with deodexed eb01 and SuperClean 2.6 (and 2.7 before it was pulled).
(3/1) - Resolved phone force close issues. AOSP answer is now the default, and it is themed with a blue in-call gradient.
(3/1) - Menu unlock is now removed from AOSP lockscreen (thanks to sbrissen).
(2/27) - Added all of sbrissen's latest mods ..... clock options in settings, carrierless lockscreens,aosp answer, etc. Yes, he is a beast.

(2/27) - Themed Launcher2.apk for those that prefer to use it (like myself).
(2/27) - Themed Phone.apk to remove green in-call gradient fill (per suggestion). It is now blue and looks great.
(2/27) - Removed several irrelevant download links from OP (i.e. tw gtglauncher). For those that like touchwiz stuff, I highly recommend that you check out CrushD's recent mods found here (particularly the launcher).
(2/21) - Added my own version of the reworked dialer. The voicemail button now defaults to carrier voicemail (i.e. *89). Also added three optional dialers that default to (1) google voice (2) youmail and (3) visual voicemail in the extras section below. To install one of the optional dialers, extract the zip and flash the appropriate version via CWR.
(2/21) - Themed google search, facebook, market (thanks 00.ante), and youtube apks added. They are all based on the most recent updates. See pictures above to see how they look.
(2/15) - Included my reworked quickpanel. Text below quick panel buttons now read "Data" and "Rotation." This does away with the unsightly double lines without removing the text completely like other themes do.


- Nitsuj17 for his help and hard work.
- Sbrissen for accurate battery, reboot options, clock options, and 5 lockscreens mods. He is officially the guru.
- DtachD for being able to answer just about every question I've asked about theming. He is a themer's themer.
- Adrynalyne for his reworked dialer which I used as a point of reference to make my smali edits for the voicemail button.
- Dhoard for his fully debinged browser & google search longpress fix.
- Bernard_Photography for the bootanimation pngs. I simply manipulated them to do what I want.
- Signals23 for the themed LP+. His other versions of LP+ can be found here.
- Gtg465x for his modified TW Launcher for the Captivate. Follow link below to install.
- The developers of GIMP for their useful and awesome little tool.



EB01 (Circle Accurate Battery)

EB01 (Stock-like Accurate Battery)

Optional Dialer Voicemail Button Defaults
Themed LP+ Widgets
Blue Dots Wallpaper

ENJOY !!!!!!


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Feb 3, 2010
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All credit goes to thatdudebutch over at XDA....

Orig link: [THEME] Super Dark EB01 v3 FINAL - 3/4/11 (Note to users) - xda-developers

[THEME] Super Dark EB01 v3 FINAL - 3/4/11 (Note to users)
Hey guys. Since we have EB01, I have ported Super Dark. There will be no support or updates for DL30, as it is just a buggier version of this build. Thanks to the guys: Nitsuj17, DtatchD, and Sbrissen for making it easy for me. Hope you guys enjoy! As always, any support you guys can provide is greatly appreciated.


3/4/11: *I have decided to start work on a ROM and other themes, since there seems to be sufficient copies of my work to keep people happy, I will aim my focus elsewhere.
I will add new framework mods by sbrissen or myself or others if they are significant enough to warrant an update. Thanks! New ROM coming soon.*




Theme Includes
- Custom Transitions

- Full dark UI including new themed elements in notification area, themed market, and black system menus

- 5 Lock Mod, AOSP and Rotary themed (Thanks to Sbrissen for staring at all that Smali!)

- Themed Dialer with GV VM (Updated to Adryn's latest, thanks brah)

- New power toggles and pulldown elements (Thanks to chopperthedog for all the work he put in on those toggles)

- Reboot options, clock hide in settings, and accurate battery mod

- Custom widget picker menu

- Custom Flipfonts in Settings

Still To Come

- Animations, more themed UI elements, and.. a ROM.

Theme Download
v3 - Changelog: Reverted to old accurate battery since everyone wanted it, themed more of the UI, Swype dropped due to issues, clock hide options in settings, etc. Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

v2-Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

v1-Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

I have compiled a .zip of around 70 FlipFonts, extract theme to SD card and install theme with root explorer!

I also have compiled a Swype Metamorph for you as well. If you don't know how to use Metamorph, read this: How to MetaMorph/Theme - xda-developers

Swype Morph- http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13765981/BlackGlass.zip



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Feb 3, 2010
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All credit goes to nitsuj17 over at XDA for this amazing theme...ENJOY

Orig link: {Theme} Fascinating Sense V1.0 (sc 2.9.1) ***3.16.11 - xda-developers

{Theme} Fascinating Sense V1.0 (sc 2.9.1) ***3.16.11
Similar (but much more detailed) to my aosp theme, I've made a HTC Sense Theme for touchwiz. The theme is based off of the latest droid incredible OTA. In addition I probably made/themed several hundred images. Dark Revenge V3 theme is essentially an earlier version of this, as I've updated a lot since then.

Versions Available:
Currently just enhanced edition (my slight improvements to sense theme ie black menus, some different images/coloring)
Coming Soon:
mm versions of alternate batteries/status bar icons (remove stat location)
more apps (alternate deskclocks)
more extras (lpp/adw ex dock backgrounds)
stock sense theme
blackout sense
Long Term Plans:
red sense
blue sense

Theme includes, reboot options, 5 lock screen mod, acc battery, aosp answer, gv dialer, screen stay awake mod and is built off of superclean 2.9.1...results may be different on other roms.

Ok whats themed?
framework-res.apk: black menus, sense icons/images, progress_horizontal to exact sense progress green color, secondary text to white, changed epic lock around to mimic sense slider as closely as possible, etc
twframework-res.apk: remapped power controls (sbrissen), sense icons/images
mediaprovider.apk: status bar icon, pulldown text color (black), as much tw aqua blue color switched to white as I could get, tab buttons (apks call on) to sense colors
dialertabactivity.apk: system icon, white soft menu icons, completely redone images/backgrounds, tab buttons and icons, changed dialed text background from black (requires xml changes) text colors to white from aqua in *most* cases
phone.apk: unknown contact image, white soft menu icons (most edits dont take on phone for some reason)
googlequicksearchbox.apk: changed some colors/images, white soft menu icons
music.apk: widget to sense like widget, images, system icon, tab buttons, tab icons, white soft menu icons
service.jar: changed carrier name
contacts.apk: system icon, sense images
browser.apk: system icon, black header
geniewidget: white menu icons
deskclock.apk: system icon, added one of the larger sense clocks (will add alternate versions for download in the future)
twcalculator.apk: system icon, changed colors/background (will do more work on this going forward)
twcalendar.apk: system icon, tab buttons, colors
mms.apk: system icon
email.apk: system icon, remove as much of the aqua color as i could
settings.apk: system icon, sense images
voicerecorder.apk: system icon, changed colors/image colors
umm more Im sure that im currently forgetting

3.16: added alternate flash to remove stat_location_icons (for those that prefer it) cwr flash...see post 3

Huge credit to Sbrissen for reboot options, acc battery, lockscreen mods, helping me to resize the lockscreen for the sense slider, aosp answer, remapped pulldown menu, whatever mods im forgetting...and general awesomeness
adrynalyne for his the gv remapped dialer, screen awake, his roms, mods, and everything else he does for us
the other #fascinate-themers regulars for help/advice/critique


Full Themes: (CWR Amend Installs, not compatible with CWR 3.0)
Sense Enhanced Version 1.0

Mods/Alt .Apks
Remove Stat_sys_location icons (flash in cwr, after flashing theme)

HTC Wallpapers

Recommendations for completing the sense look:
(links to others work, not my own in any way)

Sense-Themed LPP


Mar 5, 2011
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I'm having a hard time getting the launcher pro theme to work. It won't give me the option to uninstall? Any ideas?

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Mar 5, 2011
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Nevermind, I've got to the point were LauncherPro is uninstalled. Now everytime I try to run the file I downloaded, it just brings me to a web-like page and never stops loading?

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