Earpiece speaker buzzing


Sep 15, 2010
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I have a buzzing noise that comes from my earpiece speaker duringany call I make or recieve and I have had the phone for less than a week. I would like to think Motorola would make sure clarity would be important by seems that it sounds blown. Is this a common issue with Droid X?
My X has a similar issue. If I turn the in-call volume above about 1/3 it makes a distorted sound. Almost like something is loose inside and it is rattling. I am going back to the Verizon store for an exchange today.
Go to walmart, walgreens, cvs, rite aid, w.e and get a can of compressed air. Shoot some into the ear piece and voila! fixed.

Or you could RMA the device, either way. I had the issue with my 2nd DX (current phone) but I hit it with duster and its been fine since (been almost 2 months now without issue)
I recently noticed the earpiece speaker buzzes when I'm listening to a caller. It's not constant. It happens when the caller's voice is at or above particular volume levels, and only for certain kinds of sounds. It's like when you have the stereo up and only certain parts of a song cause items in the room (stove, fireplace poker set, windows, etc) to buzz because of vibrations.

The volume of the buzzing is proportional to the earpiece volume -- more if it's turned all the way up, softer if it's way down, but it doesn't go away. It doesn't sound like a blown speaker, I'm very familiar with this from working in home and car audio for a long time. It sounds more like the speaker is resonating against something. I'm thinking it's probably either a piece of sand that has fallen through the aluminum screen bezel and is just sitting on the earpiece speaker, or maybe there's a wire behind it that has come loose and is touching it. I noticed the buzzing sound seems localized to the side of the aluminum screen where the LED is so I'm also wondering it maybe the LED has come loose or is vibrating.

I bought the phone on eBay, so dealing with Verizon isn't an option. I'd rather do it myself anyway.

I want to take it apart and check it out. Does anybody have experience with this? Is there a high probability that I will break the hell out of it? It seems like I'd have to pop the back off, remove the 6 torx screws, and there's probably a 7th under a little 'void' sticker, then pop the body out from the front part -- hopefully this isn't too hard. From there, I'm not sure, but I'd guess I can then inspect the earpiece, hold it down and see if it still buzzes, etc.

Special tools? Gotchas? whatever-you-do-don't-remove-XXX?

So I couldn't resist. I popped the case open, took out the battery, SIM, and microSD card, removed 7 torx T5 screws (one under the 'void' sticker) and carefully removed the rootbeer-colored plastic casing. Two tiny philips screws (need jeweler's screwdriver for this) and some careful prying and I could lift the circuit board up enough to kind of poke at the back of the speaker. I blasted the crap out of it with liquid air, noticed that the camera was quite jiggly and made note that it might be what was buzzing, and then closed it all back up.

And now, no more buzzing!!dancedroid. I think it was either a loose screw, or the liquid air blast directly to its guts took care of the problem -- not 100% sure.

Not for the faint of heart though. In hindsight, I would give someone with experience taking electronic stuff apart about a 85-90% chance of not ruining the phone doing this. Probably better to warranty the phone if you didn't get it on ebay like I did.