DX won't share contacts over BT after GB update


Apr 12, 2010
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I'm posting this for a friend. Stock DX running GB, never rooted.

He pairs the phone over bluetooth with his Mercedes Benz. On Froyo, the contacts were automatically shared with his car, so he could use the car controls to browse contacts (names and numbers), see full caller ID info (name and number, when it matched a contact), and recent call history (made/received).

After the GB update, the contact info is no longer shared. All that is sent to the car is recent call history by number only (made/received, no names). No contact names are present, and no contact list is shared.

He said @ verizon, they attempted to pair another DX with his car and the same thing happened.

So, the question is.. did this functionality get stripped from GB, or Moto's implementation for the DX? Or is this just another issue with GB Bluetooth functionality in general.

He's ready to flash back to FroYo to fix the issue if need be.