Text Messages - after GB


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Sep 10, 2011
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Phoenix, AZ
Help: I used to be able to push of an icon in the "To:" address line and then selecting individual recipients from the Contacts list - or from groups in the contact list. After the GB update, I now must be manually enter each recipient…albeit by name or by number, but in both cases, now must be entered one at a time. How can I keep GB but be able to select from multiple members on my contact list and send the same text message to all of them (I run a sports team and need to keep people informed on game times, etc).

FYI, if I type the name of the "Contacts" group in the "To:" line of the text message, I get to see my contacts "group", but when I enter the selected contatcs group, every name in the group has the words "Do Not Send Message" under the name. If I attempt to click the name a box come up that reads "Message Options" then "Do not send message".


I posted this late in the evening on September 10th, since I can only assume that no one has an answer, I can then assume that the download that was forced upon my phone and now resides with continued challenges (does it really need to re-boot itself at least 4 times per day?!?) is a piece of $H|T. Thanks to Motorola and to Google. Good call on the merger...you were made for one another. I'll be buying the iPhone 5 as soon as available.