Dropped Droid Razr deleted photos


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Apr 1, 2013
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So I dropped my phone and the SD fell out a little. I put it back in restarted my phone. When I turned it on my photos that I ever took with my camera were suddenly gone. How did it just automatically delete my pictures like that??? I don't have computer access so I can't even try to retrieve them that way. I'm just frustrated those were a lot of photos :-/ I just want to know if there is a way I can get them back??
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You might shut your phone off, eject the SD card and put it back in and then restart your phone...
There was no reformatting involved..
And I did turn it off and take the SD card out a few times but nothing happen. I'm starting to believe its the phone it self that is busted not the SD card..
Can you place the SD in someone else's phone to see if the pictures are there? Or plug your phone into the computer and see what is on the SD card that way.
Welcome to Droid Forums. Sorry to hear about your photos, hopefully you found or can find a solution.
You may try this step by step droid phone photo recovery guide that helped me last time: recover photos from droid phone

The guide works for both SD card lost photos and phone internal memory.

Take note that you'd better stop using the phone so that no new files will be write to phone, which will increase the chance of photo recovery.
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Welcome to the site. Hope you were able to retrieve your photos. DancingNexus