DroidX ends calls as soon as call is dialed


They're people calling in at verizon to complain just as much as everyone else on this board. It doesn't matter how many people call or complain. They're more likely to push gb to the new phones and give them updates then a year old phone thats has no market value. Plus they're getting ready to release the bionic one of the most talked about phones since CES. Personally if they ever do release an update it won't be for awhile might as well convert to the dark side and root your phones. I can't say it'll fix every single problem that you might have but it has fixed all of my problems for me and added an additional customization.
Just my .02

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Mines been doing this for a while now. Its definitely very annoying to have to deal with this at some point every day.
Its always the same thing, either ill notice a txt not sending and on every resend attempt after .01 seconds it kicks it back and says it cant be sent or whatever.
Same goes for phone calls.. Soon as you dial out immediately it just beeps and ends the call.
I am slightly happy that my phone doesn't take 10 minutes to reboot anymore but it still sucks when your right in the middle of something and have to shut it down.
I really hope some tech people are looking into this as its getting very annoying to deal with on a daily basis.
I'm having the same problem.

It happened to me today while my phone was plugged into my computer. I'm thinking about rooting the phone but don't know enough about it yet to make it happen. I think that the more people post on here the more likely that Verizon or Android are to do something about it for us.
This used to happen to me, txt not sending, calls ending abruptly, reboot was the only solution (though not always). The problem would always come back eventually and at random intervals. My solution was to sbf back to .340 and reflash a new GB verision (596 at the time) wiping data/factory restore. Yes, you will have to reinstall everything (TB helps). Do not do a nandroid data restore. I am now on .602 and is problem free.
also still happens to me from time to time. i know it happens around the same time that i try to send/get texts and they don't go through. that's when i know that for whatever reason, i need to reboot my phone. seems to happen more frequently now, like 1-2x a week
Same here. I recently upgraded to Gingerbread and now every other call does what other forums have dubbed as the "00:00:00 Call Error." The upgrade has so thoroughly fried my DX that I have a replacement scheduled for shipment. Not looking forward to how many refurbished models I'll have to go through with Verizon before I can get a different model completely. So sad.

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