droid1 insurance to droid x?


Apr 4, 2010
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Has anyone succesfully sent there droid back to insurance and have received a droid x back bc of no more droids1? The bottom part of my droids screen somtimes turns off and cant see anything on it till a restart or a lock and wakeup and my headphone jack hassuccomed to the shotty crafstmanship of it. So i know i can send it back but i dont want a droid nomore i hate the keyboard. What are the chances of them offering me a droid x if i ask? and if anyone has done this please tell me how.
Slim and none, and slim just left. I believe you're stuck with the D1 or from what others have said they may down grade you to an Eris.
Id have to laugh in there face if they offered me a eries that's like them offering me a bricked Droid for my broken one. I guess its gonna have to be a 3 hour phone call with them tomorrow morning