Droid X Tower problems??


Nov 18, 2009
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here is a problem i am having with my X... it started back in September.. took a road trip out west and my X wouldnt connect with any towers , my buddys old flip phone worked perfect... i could get calls and txt but couldnt call out or txt out. It would connect to an Alltel tower and the recording asked if i wanted to make a collect call... a Verizon store in Utah told me android has problems connecting to out of network towers???

i live on the Indiana/Michigan border,,, if i drive into MI and it switches to the towers there ( used to be alltel towers there, but VZW took them over) my phone will lock up.. freeze, i keep getting the sync icon on my task bar. like it is trying to bring data in.. the phone actually gets physically hot.. and the battery will drain fast..i even have the extended batt. when i check the battery manager to see whats using the power it says " Android OS" is what using 60% or more.... when i get back home i have to reboot the phone and then it works perfect??? any ideas? thanks guys...


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Dec 16, 2009
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Try a PRL update by dialing *228 and activating again.

This updates your preferred roaming list and may help.


For some reason it does not make sense for android not to connect for calls while a standard phone can. I live in Utah, but have a X with a MI area code; 248. I have never had problems connecting.

That also goes for the people I know who travel from out of state to visit. No one has ever said they cannot connect to the Verizon network.

The first thing the person in the store should have told you is what jazzmang stated, do the *228, option 2 update. Other than that, I would say your droid has a problem and the person in the store was blowing smoke up your....

I'll also add, that if you were on I-70 you have reception problems due to the rolling hills and mountains. When you first come in to Utah from CO, you have about six to eight miles before service drops out (just past the view area/rest area). It will remain out until the east Cisco Exit, and then come back on until the Yellowcat exit and go off and on until you hit just east of Crescent Junction and remain on until Route 6 (to Price/Salt Lake City). From there on, through the San Rafael Swell, you won't have service, past the San Rafael Swell you should have good Verizon service.

Not so surprisingly, in that area from the Utah/CO border to Crescent Junction there is Verzion service (as shown on Verizon's map), but a handheld cell phone, including a Droid, cannot keep contact with the towers. I have driven that area hundreds of times and have been able to use Onstar with no problems. But Onstar is a lot more powerful than a .6 watt handheld.
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