Droid x stuck on bootloader screen


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Aug 26, 2012
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Hi all i was doing a update when all of a sudden my phone died. I had it plugged up so i really dont see how it died. Now it is stuck on the boot loader screen. I am currently waiting on my battery to come in the mail because my last 2 swelled up on me. which never happened before this whole boot loader issue. I've read that I could im guessing you call it flashing my phone with rsdlite but then i also read that even if i did try that it still wouldn't work. So im confused somewhat. Any help would be greatly appreciated I've been without my phone for 4 months im about to fall over! I love my droid x and really don't want to get a new phone.
You can flash the phone with RSD, but the first thing you need to do is get your battery charged up or get another battery with some charge in it.

Once you have that, follow these instructions- http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-x-rooted-help/100038-complete-droid-x-sbf-flashing-guide.html

Since we don't know what system version you were on before all this happened, we'll want to play it safe and have you flash the 4.5.621 SBF which can be found here- -How to SBF Your Droid X Full 2.3.340 & 4.5.602 & 4.5.621 (towards to bottom of the page).
My battery is suppose to be coming in tomm. I dont know anyone around me with a droid x or i would borrow a battery to get it working really quick. Is flashing and rooting the same? i hate to ask so many questions but its the only good way to learn. I ran across a thread on here that helped me figure out what version my phone was before the update but i cant find the thread again. It had to do with one of the numbers on my bootloader screen i think it was 30.04
Flashing and rooting are completely different things. Flashing basically just means installing, rooting allows you to make changes to parts of the phone you wouldn't normally be able to mess with. For now let's just worry about getting the phone back up and running.

Since we can't know for sure exactly which version you were on when it was working (even by looking at the bootloader) let's just go the safe route and flash the file I linked you to earlier. When your battery comes in tomorrow, just follow the instructions in the first link in my earlier post using the SBF file in the second link.
Just wanted to let you know my phone is working like new! Thanks sooo much! You were a big help! :)
No problem, I was just about to post here asking how it all went. Glad you got everything working again :)