Droid X Prepaid?


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Sep 3, 2010
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I had my samsung omnia i910 and droid 2 both on page plus cellular for over a year without having it on a data plan with verizon, I've heard of the one year rule, but I thought that applied to prepaid phones that were purchased with the prepaid plan, so you couldn't just buy a cheap prepaid phone ang month to month with a verizon plan vs prepaid verizon plan, either way its worth exploring since it doesn't cost anything to find out
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Thats great...but, thats not what the OP was asking for. In giving out these convoluted posts, all you wind up doing is muddying the waters. The OP asked a simple question about a Droid X and VZW Pre Paid account. He did not ask for alternate methods, alternate companies or any other ways of doing what he wanted.

Don't get any fee just passing along a good svc
Good luck
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Well, thanks for the heads up..in case someone else may need it down the road...

Never really thought of it... Thanks though. I suppose I'll just have to have more common sense. Also, thanks for being the first to actually answer my question. :blackdroid:
No problem. Wished I had a better answer. I would assume you could use the DX, but they will want to throw on some sort of Data/Internet plan since it is a smartphone...but the only way to know for sure is to call and ask. You "might" be able to get the phone activated without disclosing what the phone is, but I would be skeptical...good luck either way.

BTW, please post back with whatever results you get...I would be willing to drop my 5 line contract if I can save some cash by going pre-paid and still get to keep my DX...:)


Jul 22, 2010
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No you can't activate a Droid X on Verizon prepaid.