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Nov 5, 2010
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after i updated my DX to ota 2.2 i seem to have lost my internet text box for forms. heres pix to show what i mean. the first pic is the box i had when i went to type into a box in the internet. it still is there in market and typing urls just not in boxes on webpages. the 2nd one is now what i got on internet form boxes and it drives me nuts. i have to keep moving it to see what im typing. any way to revert it back to the other way. btw i did the one click root on my DX. the first one is MUCH easier to use on a webpage box because i can ACTUALLY SEE EVERYTHING IM TYPING WITHOUT PINCH ZOOMING AND MOVING THE PAGE EVERYTIME I TYPE A WORD.
thats my only beef with 2.2
is it just me or am i the only one annoyed by this??
i am a big time discussion forum user and this update on my dx has put a lid on my phones usability on forums. its really annoying when i got a lot to say on there because half of what i type i cant see

and it didnt change with the 2.3.340 update.

pic 1: the way it was. what i want back


pic 2: what it is now I HATE IT!!!!

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ok 52 views and NO REPLIES?!?!?!?!?!?
We don't respond "On Demand" you have to give someone who has knowledge on the situation a chance to read and respond -
This is the updated google search, chances are there is no going back - might I suggest Tapatalk Pro for mobile forum use
i tried to download tapatalk and it keeps declining my credit card every time. i dont know why it wont work. so f it
I don't have this issue, but I'm wondering if you checked your keyboard settings? Make sure that you check "Show suggestions". You also may have cleared your user dictionary, which will start rebuilding again.