Droid X inbound and I have questions!


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Jul 30, 2010
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Hi all,
This will be my first smart phone and I'm pretty excited about it. I've already installed the dev kit and I can't wait to get my first "Hello world" app running on my phone.:icon_ banana:

But first things first...

I've chosen a fairly lengthy WAP password for my home WIFI network and ordinarily I copy that to a USB stick, SD card or whatever and then cut/paste it into the dialog when configuring a new PCthe LAN. So I'm wondering how I can do that on the Droid. Can I put the micro-SD card in my PC and drop a text file on it that I can then open using a text editor on the Droid? Maybe I need to email it to myself and cut and paste from email. <sigh> My email password is similarly difficult to type...

But these raise the question to me how similar the Droid will be to a general purpose PC. Will I be able to get past the graphical shell and execute commands? Write and execute scripts?

As a developer, I'm interested in going past the point where I view my Droid as just an appliance. I'm pretty comfortable banging out scripts and such to automate stuff on my other PC (Running Ubuntu Linux, incidentally) and wonder if I can do the same with a Droid X. For example, I've scripted several programs to fetch my podcasts in the middle of the night, equalize volume (mp3gain) and then move them to a directory named for that date. I just drag/drop these to my MP3 player and listen to my podcasts in the order in which they arrive. When I had problems with a provider who tagged an obnoxiously loud ad to the front of each track, I simply added a command to the script to remove the first 15 seconds of each track from that podcast only. I know there are programs that will sync podcasts to my player, but it's simply easier for me to script up exactly what I want than to figure out which player will do what I want.

So... I'm here because it looks like this the place to find further information on getting under the skin of a soon to be mine Droid X.


Edit - someone mentioned in another thread "this is covered in the newb section." I would appreciate a pointer to the newb section!
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Jan 10, 2010
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You can't find the newb section either? Why don't you write a script to do it?

The answers to all of your other questions is yes.