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Aug 1, 2010
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Im new to the forums. have gotten awesome help reading other user issues so i finally came up on one that i cant seem to find whats wrong.

when i go on to my gallery, all photos, then start scrolling down towards the bottom it all of a sudden stops scrolling and returns me to the previous screen. its been doing this over and over and over and cant seem to find out why.

if i try to see the pictures through camera roll it starts at the bottom of the page but if i try to even scroll up at all with my finger the screen goes black for a sec and then returns me to the previous screen...a little fustrated :icon_evil:...any help?

nope, i tried goes fast, then slow, then super slow and still does the same thing. when i open it through camera roll if i even touch the screen to (before i even begin scrolling) it does that, think there might be a corrupted file or something?
I have no idea other then there's something wrong with the programing. It could be that your moving to fast and the phone can't keep up but of it's slow then it would work and the camera role should have worked also but there hooked to each other so the only leaves programing problems. Lets leave it open and see What other people have to say. But it might be with making time to call Verizon or visit them
yeah ill probably head over to verizon today to get it checked out. im going to mess around with the pictures as well on my comp so hopefully some good news comes, thanks
This is happening to me too. Just started today. I have reset, master reset, everything still doing it. I have tried a different SD card still happening.
Funny thing is. I just turned the phone horizontally and I can see all the pics. There is something wrong with the gallery.
The gallery maybe failing because we have too many pictures on the SD card?

I have more than 500 pictures in my gallery and the moment I try to scroll, it will kick me out back to the main gallery screen.

At first I thought that I had a corrupted file, but after installing the 3D froyo gallery floating around in this forums, I can scroll through all 500+ pictures with no problem.

Note: If I turn the phone sideways, the original gallery program will work fine, it just takes forever to get to where I need
I have 280 pics. Doesn't matter at all. Its clearly a gallery issue.
Hey guys, I had the same problem and was googling around and eventually came across this thread. I decided to join the forum and post after finding a temporary fix until we get froyo. My DX was doing the same thing, I could only scroll about halfway through my pictures before it would kick me out to the original gallery page. It was always at the same exact spot, whether I scrolled fast or slow. I transferred all of my old pics from my retired BB Storm 1.

Go to this thread and install the old 3D gallery app from the original droid that someone has hosted: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/dr...s/60508-droid-2-1-picture-gallery-app-dx.html

I installed, and can browse my entire gallery flawlessly! Hope this helps others.
Hey man, I'm having the same issues. It's definitely a really weird issue.

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Yep! Works great thanks! Sometimes the moto gallery works and sometimes it doesn't lol

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I've always had a problem with the gallery, but never like that. My issue is if I download a texted picture, it gets saved to a "download" folder. When I try to move it, the gallery doesn't have the option so I go to "files" and move it to the folder that I want it in. However, the photo doesn't show up in that folder unless I reboot. Is this common amoung everyone. It really doesn't bother me much, but I was just wondering if maybe I'm trying to move the file in the wrong way.
Hey man, I'm having the same issues. It's definitely a really weird issue.

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Hi there...

I, too, am having the same issue with my X! Funny thing is, is that it just started happening earlier today while I was at work! My gallery has been FINE since I got my X on Jul 19th, then all of a sudden earlier I went to show a co-worker a picture and as SOON as I start to scroll, it kicks me to the previous screen o_O

Weird thing is that if I go anywhere else in the gallery, it scrolls fine. It's just happening with the camera roll!

I hope someone figures this out as I don't like things not working the way they should, even if there's something like an additional gallery to use (like the one linked to above from the D1, which, I agree is a nicer gallery and I'm about to install it anyway) but it still bothers me that something isn't working right on my device!!! Know what I mean? So I'm hoping for a fix or hopefully Froyo will rectify the issue... it just shouldn't be that way!!!
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