Droid X Disaster Planning !!!


Jun 30, 2010
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Okay, so I am using MyBackup Pro to backup everything on my X each night. If I am correct, and my phone dies, I can re-load everything by putting the old SD card back into my new replacement phone and doing a Restore with the program.( Note: Some apps that are"protected" won't be backed up.)

Plan B: Use new phone and just reload apps purchased in the Marketplace.

Plan C: :Get a spare 16 GB card, pull out the current one, do a backup, then re-install of the original card. Keep the backup card in a safe place in case the phone is lost. Re-insert the backup card in the new phone and do a restore.

I was wondering if there is any specfic coding during the backup(MyBackup PRo) that requires that card to be reinstalled only in the phone it was backed up from.

Comments? THanks.

Update: Got a reply to my email from Rerware, the maker of the program. Plan C should work fine.
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