Droid X Contact Problem


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Oct 8, 2010
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Boulder, CO
Hey There: Just gave up my Blackberry Storm in favor of the Droid...love the phone, everything works great except that I can't get contacts to sync in either direction. I imported to the cloud from yahoo csv file.

Then I deleted contact data on phone, lost all the contacts so I'm DOA on the road.

I have gmail acct. and domain acct. I have tried to manually sync many times w/no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Sorry, Mike. Meant that I imported the CSV file to google...they did sync once to the Droid but never again. So then I went settings>applications>contact data and deleted all data....so lost the contacts and still no sync...
Thanks for the clarification. Log on to Gmail with your computer or your phones browser and verify that your contacts are still in your Gmail. If so, then open your contacts, tap menu, tap account, and make sure auto sync is checked and that your gmail account is synced as well. That works for my Droid but it may not for the X.

If your contacts are not in your Gmail reimport then sync.

Let us know if this works.