Re-importing Treo 700p contacts to Droid?


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Apr 4, 2010
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I followed the instructions of a Verizon rep and converted my Treo desktop file to csv, imported it into my gmail and then let the droid synch with the gmail acct. Not very happy with the results.

1) no notes transferred
2) contacts that had a company name but no first or last name came up as

"Unknown" but did have the company name and phone number. Is there a way for the company name to show in the contact list rather than "Unknown"

I see from the forum that I should have used a v-card., so

How to I go back to square one in gmail (i.e., delete all contacts), then

go back to square one in the Droid, (i.e., delete all contacts), then resynch with gmail?

Log into your gmail account on your computer. From there you can delete all your contacts and start over.

I don't know how many contacts you are dealing with, but I wasn't happy with the way my contacts transferred over from my Blackberry 8330 (first name, last name). I manually edited all my contacts to appear on my Droid as last name, first name, so it would list my contacts by last name first.

Also, in gmail, you can assign your contacts to different groups (business, family, friends, etc.) AFAIK, you can't easily view these groups on your Droid while in your contact list (like on a BB), but when I'm using Handcent SMS (third party app) I can send out an sms by the groups I've set-up in gmail.
OK. Was able to delete everything in the contacts. BTW, does anyone know a way to globally erase all the messages in a gmail account? There are too many to do page at a time and I need to start over.

When opening the V-card file in Excel/OO Calc, what are the separators that one needs to check? I tried tab and comma, but it did not put the data into separate columns.

So I think the way to do this might be to open the data in Excel/OO Calc and delete columns that don't have a related field in the Droid contact database, and perhaps rearrange them to match also so that the right data goes into each field. However, this probably presumes some knowledge of the Droid contact database field names and lengths.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Does anyone know of a droid forum where members might have some knowledge, and be willing to share same, regarding the droid contact file structure?